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gear and gearbox repair
Gearbox Services

Providing gearbox repair and service on all major brands including:




Whether you need new gears & gearboxes or require repair/rebuild, you can count on Motor Gear & Engineering. As a Master Distributor for Siemens/Flender and other manufacturers we offer a wide selection of the new equipment you need (including in-stock Motox lines) to keep your production up and running. And our staff of Professional Engineers provide in-house design and certification of gearing layouts.

For gearbox repairs or rebuilds, Motor Gear Engineering provides hobbing, grinding & polishing capabilities (up to 12 AGMA), and our in-house machine shop provides fast turnaround work on shaft, pinion, spacers, tapers, and other special modifications. You can trust the experience of our highly trained staff - which averages over 15 years of experience per person. All rebuilds utilize top-end SKF/NTN bearings and installations are performed in our clean-room - a unique Motor & Gear offering - that can provide up to 25% more life for your gears and bearings. All of our service work and materials are backed by a 1 year warranty. Convenience, Quality & Confidence. You can trust Motor & Gear Engineering with all of your gear/gearbox repair needs.

Motor & Gear Engineering - Your supplier of Quality Gearbox Repairs & new Gearing

At Motor & Gear Engineering, we pride ourselves on delivering the top quality gearbox repairs in the industry.

The best quality starts with the best designs. Motor & Gear Engineering registered professional engineers will oversee design reviews, any reverse engineering needed, upgrades to your unit and provide drawings and detailed repair estimates so you know exactly what your gearbox repair will entail. We use only the top quality materials in our repairs from our certified suppliers that we know stand behind their work. We then have all the equipment here in house to perform any aspect of a repair ourselves in a controlled and supervised environment. Our gearbox mechanics average 15 years experience per man and just about whatever you have - we've seen it before. Next, we have the most aggressive quality assurance procedures in the industry, documenting each step-by-step repair segment, fully testing and documenting all post repair run tests and producing detailed engineering reports as requested for each gearbox repair. 

Lastly, the final mark of our quality culture is our attitude. More than design, materials, equipment, know-how, testing or producing beyond AGMA standards, it's our attitude toward total gearbox quality that we most pride ourselves. We put our name on every gearbox repair we perform and we stand behind our work. If you're looking for the best in quality gearbox repairs, let Motor & Gear Engineering service your needs.

Philadelphia Gearboxes Repair :-

Philadelphia Gearboxes have been around for over 100 years, providing reliable service for a variety of Industrial and Municipal markets. The robust construction of these units, combined with the variety of applications available, has made Philadelphia Gearboxes a reliable mainstay for power transmission needs. Motor & Gear Engineering has been repairing Philadelphia Gearboxes for over 20 years and offers full service on all units. For applications of the popular Philadelphia Gearboxes Mixer Drives, Motor & Gear, through its full machine ship, offer full shaft & fan replacement services as well, and push/pull services as a contract offering. And, although it is rarely needed with the ruggedly designed Philadelphia Gearbox systems, Motor & Gear offer design upgrade services when current demands call for an increase in gearbox output performance. Call today to see how Motor & Gear Engineering can help service your Philadelphia Gearbox and its associated equipment... Read More

Hansen Gearboxes Repair :-

Hansen Gearboxes have a strong position in industrial manufacturing based on their study, straight forward design and the long term reliability that comes with it. Motor & Gear Engineering has maintained a primary focus on the Hansen gearboxes line for over 20 years, inventorying key replacement items and cataloging individual box details to use on future repairs. In all likelihood, Motor & Gear has repaired your style of Hansen Gearbox before, and has the drawings, part numbers and possibly inventory available to quickly move the unit through the shop. If and when gear replacement is required on a Hansen Gearbox, Motor & Gear’s fully integrated machine shop and gear manufacturing capability can service those needs. For fast and efficient Hansen Gearboxes reconditions, rebuilds and redesigns, contact Motor & Gear today... Read More 

Falk Gearboxes Repair :-

Motor & Gear Engineering is a leading service provider for repairing Falk Gearboxes of all sizes. Because of our gear cutting and full machine shop capability, we can determine the best plan of action for repairing or upgrading each Falk gearbox in our shop, saving our customers time & money for their repair. We offer extended warranties for those wanting a full internal replacement of their Falk gearbox and will assist in Field services, push/pull and factory shutdown projects with our certified Motor & Gear Field Services team. Our Falk Gearboxes rebuild service is available on a rush basis as needed within the continental US and available internationally on a contracted basis. At Motor & Gear, your Falk Gearbox rebuild will enjoy the services of a fully integrated repair group, but still have the personal service and attention that comes with a privately owned & focused company. Call Motor & Gear for your Falk Gearboxes repair project and see what we can do for you... Read More 

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