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Gear Cutting

The gears used in various applications and industries are manufactured employing gear cutting. It is a machining process, which involves a number of different processes, such as hobbing, shaping, broaching, milling, and grinding.

Gear Cutting Capabilities at Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc.

We have the capability to provide you precisely cut gears in a wide range of material, size, and configurations. The following are our gear cutting capabilities:

  • Materials: Bronze, special steels, composite fiber, castings, and engineered plastics
  • Gear Shaping
    • Face Width – 130 mm
    • External Gears – 600 mm maximum outside diameter
    • Internal Gears – 400 mm maximum inside diameter
  • Gear Cutting Range
    • IMPERIAL 60 DP to 1.1/4 DP
    • METRIC 0.8 to 10 Module
  • Slotting Machines: 300 mm max. Face Width x 1,800 mm Outside Diameter
  • Gear Hobbing: Diameter 650 mm x 300 mm face width
  • Machined Part Tolerances: 0.0002? and 0.0001?

Benefits of Availing Gear Cutting Services from Motor & Gear Engineering

The following benefits are the reason why most industries turn to us, when it comes to availing quality gear cutting services:

  • Quality Gear Manufacturing Equipment: This is yet another benefit of availing our services. We have a well-equipped facility with all the advanced machinery for manufacturing. This allows us to produce gears of various profiles, with a great level of precision. Besides this, we employ latest techniques for gear cutting, which helps us in providing you cut gears at short lead times, and competitive prices.
  • Reduce Your Cost/Save Your Time: This benefit is somewhat related to the one above. The advanced machinery that we have at our facility, enable us to cut gears at an amazing speed. This helps save your time, as well as cost.

Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. has always been keen towards delivering high-quality solutions. This commitment has driven us in achieving our target of providing quality gear cutting services to our clients in the US. Do you have any requirement related to gear cutting? We are here to help. You can get in touch with our professionals at our 24/7 emergency service number 770-454-9001.

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