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Here you’ll get answers for all queries regarding our services.


What does labeling my job as “Rush” do for me & what does it cost?

If a project is defined as rush, we will ensure that the labor component of its completion has minimal impact on the critical path of its completion. Therefore, if all parts are in house and no outside services are necessary, we will continually work on the project until completion, adding as much overtime onto the project as necessary until completion. If we have to wait for material deliveries to complete the project, we will not work overtime on it.

What is the difference between a motor rewind and a motor recondition? 

A motor rewind includes baking out the old motor, cleaning, replacing wire coils, insulating, varnish sealing and changing all bearings & seals before performing all quality testing. A reconditioning does not include replacing the wire coils.

Is there a procedure which should be followed when rewinding USEM’s inverter duty motors? If so, could you please explain it?

The Following are guidelines to use when rewinding USEM inverter duty motors: Use Thermaleze QS magnet wire. If not available, triple build wire may substitute. Avoid loose windings – use slot fillers as required. Insulate between phases – both end turns and in slots. Secure end turns – tie or band both winding ends. Be especially careful to avoid damaging winding magnet wire. Recommend VPI treatment for all rewinds.

How does Reverse Engineering work on machine and motor parts?

For most equipment items, manual indication is satisfactory to calculate specific dimensions for rebuilds. If item damage is too great or the piece is very complex, we will digitally map and indicate the part (generally 2-8 hrs) and produce engineered approved drawings before remanufacturing the product. In some cases, customer review & approval will be required before production of the new unit.

What are standard turnaround times for repair for the items M & G service?

  • Motors: 1-2 days for reconditioning and 2-4 days for rebuilds, on average.
  • Gear Boxes:Can vary from 1-2 days up to 7 – 10 days based on complexity of box and repair items needed. If new gearing is required, an additional 1 – 5 weeks may be necessary depending on availability to outsource and/or complexity to manufacture new gears internally.
  • Control Panels & Drives: General turnaround is 2-4 days, 1 for diagnostics and generally 1-3 needed for rewiring, programming, etc.
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics: Typical turnaround time is 2-3 days and includes disassembly, cleaning, rebuilding bearings & seals and final unit quality pressure testing with Argon / CO2. Add 1-2 days if shaft rework is required.
  • Machined items: Can be turned around in less than 24 hours as long as detailed reverse engineering and hardening are both unnecessary. Add 1 day for reverse engineering and 2-3 days if hardening & hard turn down are needed.
  • Major machinery and Project Installation work: Will be varied and generally be performed after approved quotation.