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Gear Broaching Services

Gear broaching is a machining process of removing material with the help of a toothed tool. This toothed tool is known as broach. The gear broaching machine can be adjusted accordingly for removing metal either from inside or outside of the work piece. These machines can either be moved vertically or horizontally. They have the capability to push or pull the broaches. Parts with a high dimensional precision and a decent surface finish can be produced with the help of these machines. The equipment is advantageous for those processes, which involve high-quantity production runs. There are several organizations that provide broaching services, but Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. stands tall among them all.

Factors that Make Gear Broaching an Important Process

There are several reasons that explain the importance of gear broaching process. Following are a few key factors:

  • The gear broaches help achieve roughing and finishing cuts. These cuts can be realized in just one pass of the tool.
  • The process of broaching can be carried out both for internal, as well as external surface operations.
  • Any form that you can replicate on a broaching can be easily machined.
  • Gear broaching is a fast process and can be performed in very less time. Besides this, the broaching tool has a long tool life. This makes the tool extremely cost-effective.
  • The broaching process is comparatively faster than many other machining processes. This makes it ideal, when high accuracy, better finish, and high rate of production is required. Broaching machine has the capacity to achieve surface finish of about 0.8 micron and a tolerance of ±0.0075 mm.
  • This process does not require an expert operator, since the machining cycle is easy.
  • Cutting fluids are used during various machining processes. Broaching allows easy flow of the cutting fluids into the cuts, thus making the valuable use of cutting fluids.

Types of Gear Broaching Tools

Gear broaching tools can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Internal Broaches
    • Spline Broaches
    • Keyway Broaches
    • Polygonal Broaches
    • Burnishers
    • Rotary Cut Broaches
      • Spline Cut Type
      • Hexagonal Type
      • Radial Type
  • External Broaches
    • Rotary Broaches
    • Surface Broaches

Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. is one of the leading gear broaching service providers. We have a huge experience to back us with a strong background. We assure our clients with the best in class services, such as field services, gear and gearbox repair and remanufacturing, pump repairs, etc. You can be rest assured about the parts used, as we only work with standard, original spare parts. We have a great experience in serving clients across a variety of industries, including printing, mining, chemical, automotive, and steel, textile, and many others. Are you interested in knowing more about the gear broaching services and other services that we provide? Please give us a call. You can get in touch with our professionals via phone on 770-454-9001.

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