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Textile Industry

Motor and Gear Engineering is a name synonymous with quality design and engineering of a wide range of gears, gearboxes and motors that offer exceptional operational performance in every application. We have served various industries with the delivery of better-quality products for the last several years including the textile industry.

By providing varied ranges of gear systems and motors of impeccable quality, Motor and Gear Engineering has gained the trust of several reputed manufacturers from the textile industry. Our products guarantee consistent, precise, durable and fluctuation free performance in every textile related application.

Typical Applications

Several years of dedicated service have made us gain comprehensive knowledge on the frequently changing requirements and expectations of the textile industry. We understand that to ensure an easy going textile production process, there is a need for machines and equipment to deliver high breakaway torque, high accelerating torque and high braking torque. Our range of gears, gearboxes and motors are the result of the knowledge we have derived out of the close associations with customers from the textile industry.

Motor and Gear Engineering high performing gear systems and motors are largely purchased for use with dryer impellor drive, drum filter drive, sludge tank agitator drive, carding machine and so on.

Also the products are extensively used in machineries and equipment that support various processes of the textile industry such as:

  • Fiber preparation
  • Winding
  • Spinning
  • Knitting
  • Texturing
  • Refining
  • Washing, drying and bleaching
  • Weft knitting
  • Finishing

Why Our Name Well Established in the Market?

Extensive industrial experience, top-notch designing and manufacturing facilities, ethical business practices, a client centric approach and timely delivery of products are some of the reasons why we are still in the top position in the market. Besides designing, manufacturing and supplying gear systems and motors for textile industry applications, we also possess the capabilities to service and rebuild your systems. This is also one of the reasons that we have gained a substantial competitive advantage in the market.

Trust and place an order with us, we will provide you the appropriate gear systems and motors for your industry specific applications.


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