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Vibration Analysis

In every industry, appropriate functioning of an equipment is a necessity. For this purpose, the equipment are analyzed and tested in different ways to ensure their optimum performance. Vibration analysis is a type of analysis carried out by various industries to detect problems (if any) in an equipment. Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. is among the most experienced, and well-known vibration analysis service providers in the US.

Benefits of Vibration Analysis

Here are some major benefits of this analysis:

  • Helps Keep Away Potential Problems – Safety is one of the most crucial aspects at work. Safety of workers is a factor that should never be left unattended. Vibration analysis is conducted as a part of predictive maintenance. This analysis helps to detect and fix any potential problems that may affect the equipment in the future. This helps in providing safe operating conditions for the workers or employees of a company.
  • Labor Cost is Drastically Reduced – This is one of the biggest advantages of vibration analysis. The amount of repair required is also reduced, as the frequency of failure of equipment is reduced. All these things help reduce the time required for repairing the components and equipment. This further helps in decreasing the overall labor cost by a significant amounts.
  • The Wrench Time is Considerably Increased – Another major benefit of vibration analysis is that it helps find out and evaluate precisely what repair tasks are required to fix the deficiencies. Besides this, the analysis also helps in identifying the necessary tools, parts, and support required to address the problem and fix it. Thus, workers or employees get more time to focus and work on the actual problem. This means that the overall wrench time is increased considerably.
  • The Overall Revenue Gets Better and Better – This benefit of vibration analysis is related to the three benefits explained above. Lesser potential problems, decreased labor costs, and increased wrench time, helps increase the overall production. The result of this is increased revenue. Furthermore, repair requires less time and maintenance required for good components and equipment is reduced. This also adds up to the increased production.
  • Equipment Cost Gets Reduced Significantly – Till now, you must have got an idea why vibration analysis is so beneficial. Here is another important benefit of it. You are not required to replace the entire equipment in case of failure. However, a repair is done before the failure takes place. Thus, the equipment cost is reduced by a significant amount.

Applications of Vibration Analysis

The benefits of vibration analysis makes it popular across a number of industrial applications. Following are some most common applications of vibration analysis:

  • Fans
  • Extruders
  • Refiners
  • Agitators
  • Pumps
  • Generator Sets

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