Technical Capabilities

Motor and Gear Engineering specializes in gear and gearbox repairing, general machining, and offers various types of mechanical services. Our fully-equipped facility, certified technicians, and advanced testing procedures allow us to identify problems easily and offer appropriate solutions. When any component in your existing gearbox or drive doesn’t function as expected, or the drive is damaged badly, we can offer you OEM replacements, or replace them with custom fabricated or machined parts. Be it a replacement, repair, or refurbishment, you can be assured of superior quality, as well as the fastest turnaround times. All repairs, refurbishment, or replacements are performed by our experts in-house. Our experts will keep you informed of the progress at every step when the unit is being rebuilt or repaired.

The following technical capabilities have helped us build a long list of happy and satisfied clients.

Electrical Testing6kv
Motor Run-off600v 600a 3ph
Core Loss500hp
AlignmentLaser Alignment & Balancing
Turning Horizontal30″
Turning Verical44″ OD x 36
Broaching50 TON, keyseater to 3″
Gear Hobbing1/4 to 92″, 96 – 1 DP (25 mod)
Gear Grinding1″ to 30″, 16 to 1.5 dp (15 mod)
Gear ShapingOD, ID to 30″
WeldingTIG, MIG, Plasma
Turningto 30″ OD x 200″ long
MillingLarge Profile Mill 84x120x48cube
Heat Treating26×30 2000F
Shop26,000 sqft; docks/ramps
Lifting15,000lbs inside
TrucksPickups and flatbed