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External & Outside Diameter Grinding

As the name suggests, outside diameter grinding, or OD grinding is a process in which the external surface of an object is ground between the centers. Here, centers refer to the end units. These centers have a point, which allows the object to rotate. When the grinding wheel comes in contact with the object, it is also made to rotate in the same direction as that of an object. Thus, the two surfaces that come in contact with each other rotate in the opposite directions. This helps reduce the chances of jam up, and helps achieve a smoother operation. At Motor & Gear Engineering Inc., we provide the best-in-class external and outside diameter grinding services to our clients. We are known to provide both, manual, as well as CNC grinding services. The CNC grinders that we use at are well-equipped with automatic grinding wheel balancing system, in-process sizing gages, and edge locator (probe).

External & Outside Diameter (OD) Grinding Capabilities at Motor & Gear Engineering Inc.

Following are the capabilities of external and outside diameter grinding services provided by Motor & Gear Engineering Inc.

Maximum Outside Diameter 18″
Minimum Outside Diameter 0.032″
Maximum Part Length Between Centers 60″
Minimum Part Length 0.062″
Materials (Metals) Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Nickel, Cast Iron, Titanium, Inconel, Brass
Materials (Others) Rubber, Plastic, Composites, Ceramic
Maximum Lifting Capacity 3 tons
Tolerance (+/-) 0.0002″
CNC Controls YES
Traverse Grinding YES
Profile Grinding YES

Motor & Gear Engineering have served a vast client base spanning across several industries, including poultry, steel, pulp and paper, textile, automotive, chemical, and food and beverage, etc. We only make use of the original spare parts, which has a great role to play in the quality of service offered by us. This has helped us achieve great success by building a large base of happy, and loyal customers. Are you interested in knowing more about the external and outside diameter grinding services and several other services provided by us? Please get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 770-454-9001.

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