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Pump Repairs

Motor & Gear Engineering maintains part inventory & repair equipment to efficiently diagnose, repair and test most major pumps . Our rebuild services span from basic preventive maintenance to complete rebuild & redesign of pump systems, with start up services. And with full machine, mechanical & electrical shops under one roof, our engineers & technicians can complete your repair & get your product back to you in the most efficient turnaround time. Call today to talk to a pump engineer about your system and how we might be able to service you.

KSB Pump Repair

KSB Pump Repair

  • Certified KSB Pump Repair services
  • Cleaning and re-impregnation of windings
  • Comprehensive tests and inspection to detect faulty and damaged parts
  • Warranty on repaired items
  • Regular inspection and servicing of system components

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EBARA Pump Repair

EBARA Pump Repair

  • We are one of the leading Ebara pump repairers in the US
  • Vast Ebara pump repair and rebuild capabilities
  • Wide range of Ebara pump repairing services provided at cost efficient prices
  • Repairs and overhauls handled by OEM trained and experienced technicians
  • A large inventory of spare parts

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Our PumpĀ Rebuild services include:

Basic: Job site removal (if needed), on-site trouble shooting, complete disassembly & inspection, sand blasting & cleaning of unit, replacement of shaft, couplings, bearings, bushings, packing / seals as needed, rebalancing, reassembly, painting and delivery.

Extended Repair: Disassembly, sand blasting & cleaning, document critical dimensions & clearances and shaft run-outs at the as-found condition; provide photos of critical components with engineers opinions of possible cause, replacement of bearings, bushings, packing material, couplings, replacement or straightening of shaft, replacement of mechanical seals, restoring clearances between impeller and case liner, epoxy painting of impeller, bowls and piping, reassembly, paint and delivery.

Complete Rebuild and/or Redesign: Extended repair service plus: Reline cones with stainless steel liner and rework impeller vanes to match the cone angle and restore proper clearances, remachine all fits between mating parts to ensure parallelism and perpendicularity of the entire rotor, repair of the suction bell, provide a complete report stating as-found and final dimensions and all critical clearances, pre- and post-overhaul vibration analysis (and flow analysis as an option) to assess effectiveness of the overhaul (on-site).

Redesigning & Upgrading: There are times when itemized upgrading should be considered, such as changing from a 4140 to a stainless steel shaft or from a bronze to stainless impeller, etc. Any upgrades will be determined on a case by case basis after discussion with the customer engineers. Electrical Service – Start Up/Maintenance: Motor & Gear start up services include Drive set up & programming, sensor installation, running logic tests and pump sequencing, testing safeties & alarms and SCADA interfacing, if applicable.

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