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Electric Motors and Drives

In the United States, manufacturers choose electric motor drive repair to minimize downtime in their plants. Thus, there is a huge demand for electric motor drive facilities that offer 24/7 services. This is because motors and drives may fail anytime, and manufacturers cannot afford expensive downtimes. Motor and Gear Engineering is one of the leading 24/7 workshop offering motor and drive repair services. We can repair all types of motors including AC and DC motors, and Servo motors. Our industrial drive repair capabilities include AC and Vector drives, inverters, DC drives, motor controls, soft starts, drive subassemblies and drive boards.

Servo Motor Repair

Servo Motor Repair

  • Full Servo motor repair services offered
  • Fastest turnaround times for emergency situations
  • We are Baldor distributors and can offer you new servo replacements
  • Repaired servo motors provided in 6-8 days
  • Free servo evaluation and expedited servo repair service provided

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Tregaskiss Reamers Repair

Tregaskiss Reamers Repair

  • Maintenance and reconstruction of Tregakiss Reamers
  • Repairs managed by team of experienced engineers and subject matter experts
  • In-depth understanding of technical and mechanical specifications
  • Fast turnaround times assured
  • Precise and unfailing repairing and overhaul services

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Industrial Motor and Drive Repair Services by Motor and Gear Engineering

We follow a meticulous step-by-step repair process for all industrial motors.

  • A comprehensive visual inspection of parts is conducted for identifying known and unknown problems.
  • Next, the Meg and shaft is rotated to prepare the motor for inspection.
  • Feedback and alignment check is conducted to identify faulty parts.
  • Motor is dissembled, cleaned, and then baked before launching an operational enquiry of each working part.
  • Component check is performed using various methods.
  • Any necessary repairs and machine work is performed to restore the equipment to original manufacturer specifications.
  • New seals and bearings are installed to avoid future failures and wear.
  • Repaired motor is reassembled, tested, and aligned to ensure it is working as per the expectation.
  • Quality check performed by our experts help us confirm that we are returning a fully operational part.
  • Repaired motor is shipped to the client.

Features of Motor Repair Services

The following features of our services make us popular with our industrial clients:

  • All motors are serviced in certified “Clean Room”.
  • Our EASA facility is UL certified.

1 year warranty is provided on all rewinds

  • Class H winding insulation rated at 205 degrees C
  • All inverter duty wires used
  • V.P.I. (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation )
  • Dynamic Balancing

We can also replace parts, which may fail due to age deterioration or other conditions in the future. All repair and maintenance procedures are conducted by our OEM-trained technicians.

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