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Field Services

Different types of gearboxes used in several industries need regular maintenance, for the gearbox to perform well for a long time. There are a lot of firms, which provide gearbox field services. However, Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. provides maintenance, inspections, and field services nationwide for almost every brand of gearboxes. This has made us one of the most preferred firms among the many.

We are well-known for providing installations and test on-site services. Along with providing complete services, we also provide quickest turnaround times in the industry. The different types of gearbox field services include emergencies, shutdown, and field maintenance services. We are known to carry out complete quality checks in the field services that we provide. This is not all. We also provide comprehensive upgrades and reconditioning services along with all the other services provided.

Field Services

Field Services

  • Emergencies, shutdown, and field maintenance services provided
  • Complete reconditioning and upgrades provided
  • Installations and test on-site services
  • Comprehensive quality checks performed
  • Fast turnaround times assured

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We start by disassembling gearboxes when they come to our site. This is followed by removing bearings, gears, and all the parts contained inside. Then, the gearbox is reconditioned and upgraded, and is fitted with new bearings seals and reconditioned case. Once the installation is done, the gearbox is tested on site for proper functioning.

Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. is an experienced name in providing gear and gearbox repair services. We can help you get your gearbox function normally as quickly as possible by offering repair, rebuild, and re-engineering services. We provide field services for a vast variety of gears and gearboxes from several well-known manufacturers, including Bonfiglioli, Link-Belt, Flender, Sumitomo, SEW, Rossi, Hansen, David Brown, Krauss-Maffai, and many more. We are experts in providing gearbox field services, which include 24/7 service support.



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