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Pulp and Paper Industry

Along with serving industries such as mining, automotive, printing, steel, textile, poultry and oil and gas industries, Motor and Gear Engineering has proven experience in serving the pulp and paper industry. Your requirements and expectations are aptly met once you partner with one of the widely established manufacturers of high performing gear systems and motors at the Motor and Gear Engineering.

Gear Systems and Motors Tailored to Industry Specific Needs

We have the expertise and knowledge in delivering innovative, tailored products and services to meet the requirements of the pulp and paper industry since years. With close collaboration with customers from the pulp and paper industry, we have been involved in constant product development to adapt the latest technologies and new demands set by the industry.

We provide extremely reliable and robustly built gears, gear boxes and motors for use with:

  • Paper machine dryers
  • web-fed printing presses
  • Packaging machineries
  • Pulp processing machineries

Since our products carry international certificates of quality, they are unaffected by extreme temperature rage, humid atmosphere and exposure to chemicals. You feel great about your investment as our gear systems and motors are designed and engineered for impeccable performance in the most severe conditions. This is precisely why we have chosen by several customers from the pulp and paper industry as the most reliable and trusted manufacturer.

Repairing, Rebuilding and Reconditioning Services at Economical Prices

There is one more reason that adds to our popularity among customers from the paper and pulp industry. That is to say, we offer our customers with efficient and cost-effective repairing, rebuilding and reconditioning services of any make and model of gears, gear systems and motors. On the receipt of faulty gears, we comprehensively check the entire system to detect the root cause and then render the most appropriate service to regain its operational excellence. We also make sure that the system is repaired to the most superior level, so that it will not return to our facility for further repairs in the near future.


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