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EBARA Pump Repair

  • We are one of the leading Ebara pump repairers in the US
  • Vast Ebara pump repair and rebuild capabilities
  • Wide range of Ebara pump repairing services provided at cost efficient prices
  • Repairs and overhauls handled by OEM trained and experienced technicians
  • A large inventory of spare parts
EBARA Pump Repair Service

EBARA Pump Repair Service

As one of the leading pump repairers in the market, Motor and Gear Engineering stands committed to provide optimum service to regain the working condition of pumps of several brands and models. For over several years, we have been serving EBARA pump owners by providing a wide array of repairing service at cost effective deals. We pride ourselves in our ability to rebuild and repair your EBARA pumps in order to assure you durable service even with continuous usage for several years.

Experienced mechanical engineers, repair technicians and reliability engineers ensure that your EBARA pump repair work is done rapidly for use again in applications including:

  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Motor and Gear Engineering possess a large inventory of equipment and replacement parts to quickly get your EBARA pumps repaired and running.

Our Expertise

We are dedicated to provide high-quality EBARA pump repair service that gives our customers immense satisfaction. We strive hard to meet your expectations by delivering finest quality products that are revamped using the latest technology and performed with the most efficient methods.

Our name is established as one of the trusted EBARA pump authorized center due to our unmatched competency such as:

  • Superior repair, replacement and new installation of parts and electrical wirings.
  • Comprehensive inspection by experts after the repairing; we will never return your EBARA pumps without the approval from the inspection team.
  • Advanced repairing and maintenance recommendations.
  • A team of OEM trained technicians with several years of industry exposure.
  • Large inventory of spare parts for assisting the repairing process.
  • Fast turnaround time of one week or less for most pumps.
  • Loaner and rental pumps upon request.
  • Warrantee on all repaired EBARA pumps.
  • Onsite field repair and service.

We Guarantee your Pumps Continuous Operation

Once we receive your EBARA pumps for repair, we comprehensively check the entire system to detect the root cause of the failure. Experts at Motor and Gear Engineering test the pump and will provide you with a detailed report and pictures of the repair process. We will then communicate with our customers regarding the cause of the failure with complete price estimates. Once the customer agrees upon the pricing estimation and repairing process, we will start working on the faulty pumps.

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