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Santasalo Gearbox Repairs, Reconditioning and Rebuilding Services

When it comes to process industries, Santasalo is the gearbox brand that is trusted most by customers. Santasalo gearboxes are known for their innovative designs, and ability to keep industrial process operating at optimal levels of performance. As process industries are high demand sectors, their success comes from the consistent and durable working of the Santasalo gearbox. The most optimum way to ensure this is to provide regular maintenance and repair. This is where Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc. comes in. We provide specialized Santasalo gearbox repair services to support continuous industrial production processes.

Santasalo Gearbox Repair and Rebuild Procedures

Our repair services are designed to provide support for regular maintenance, as well as emergency repairs. Our solutions are known for their speed and effectiveness, thus, we are able to meet the immense industry gearbox demands, and help keep processes running.

Standard Repair and Maintenance:

The following points showcase our standard repair and maintenance procedures for different types of Santasalo gearboxes:

  • Disassembly
  • Parts Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Testing

Post inspection, we create a detailed inspection report to provide to the client. If any problems are found during the inspection phase, then necessary repairs are made. Only after the gearbox is deemed fit, is when it is sent for testing. If all the tests showcase that gearbox is operating at optimal levels, then it is delivered to the client.

Gearbox Rebuilding:

Like standard gearbox repair, our specialized rebuilding services also follow certain procedures for Santasalo gearboxes.

  • The gearbox is disassembled, and every gear and shaft is inspected to understand the amount of necessary repair and rebuild work.
  • A detailed report is created to help clearly explain the scope of rebuilding and repair to the client.
  • All the gears are shafts are inspected and measured to determine which components require repair or replacement. Post this, all necessary repairs and replacements are carried out.
  • When the repair has been completed, the gearbox undergoes stringent testing for aspects like excessive vibrations, overheating, or leaking.
  • If the gearbox passes all the tests, then it is sent to the client for delivery.

At Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc., we also have the capability to send an on-site team to work on your gearbox. If the client is unable to disassemble and transport the gearbox to our facility, we can perform these tasks ourselves.

Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc. provides comprehensive Santasalo gearbox repair and rebuilding services. If you would like more information about Santasalo Gearbox Repair Services, you can visit the FAQ’s page. Also, you can speak to our executive through our 24/7 emergency service phone number: 770-454-9001 or Request Quote, please feel free to contact us.


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