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Gear Shaping

Gear shaping is one of the most important processes in the gear manufacturing process. As the name suggests, it is a mechanical process in which cutting is done in a same continuous, and rotational plane to give a desired shape to a gear. The gear shaping process has a high level of precision, and delivers an exceptional surface finish on both external, as well as internal teeth of the gear. The shape of each gear depends on the application for which they are used. Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. is one of the leading companies in the US providing gear shaping services.

Process of Gear Shaping

The following are the important steps involved in gear shaping process:

  • The cutter is mounted on a cutter spindle.
  • The gear blank is placed on the fixture present on the work spindle.
  • The work spindle and cutter are tied together with the help of change gears. This helps maintain a proper relation between the work piece and cutter.
  • Once the placement is done properly, the cutter cuts through blank and makes successive cuts. These individual cuts are placed close to each other.

Gear Shaping Capabilities of Motor & Gear Engineering Inc.

Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. provides comprehensive gear shaping services to its customers. We have following gear shaping capabilities to offer:

  • Gear Shape – Internal, External
  • Pitch – 10 Mod
  • Face Width – 200 mm
  • Diameter – 1000 mm

At Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. we understand how important it is to have good quality equipment. If you are looking for a company, which provides high-quality services in gear shaping, then you search ends with Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. With many years of experience and a team of hard-working and skilled professionals, it has helped us reach a level we are at today. One of the key benefits of availing service from us is that we make use of original parts only, and never compromise on the quality of the products and services. Not one or two, but a number of industries including automotive, poultry, mining, printing, and chemical industries have taken benefit of the gear shaping services. Do you want to avail our gear shaping services? Get in touch with us today. You can reach out to our professionals via phone on 770-454-9001.

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