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Hansen Industrial Gearboxes

  • Reliable Hansen industrial gearbox repair services
  • Original spare parts used
  • Component renewal assured
  • Performing revision as per the revision proposal
  • Detailed inspection reports provided

Hansen industrial gearboxes are known for their robust construction, outstanding operational excellence, and unrivalled durability. They are widely used across several industrial sectors including chemical, energy, pulp and paper, food and beverage, construction, and automotive, among others.

Constant usage in demanding industrial environments may result in gearbox failure, leading to costly downtime. Also, an unexpected gearbox collapse affects the functioning of critical applications and processes. To avoid such situations, it is essential that your Hansen gearboxes are serviced, maintained, repaired on a timely basis. When it comes to Hansen gearbox repair and service, Motor and Gear Engineering comes second to none.

Hansen Gearbox Services

Our name is recognized in the market as the fastest and full service specialist of Hansen gearboxes of any make and model. We have the right team and the latest equipment to repair/upgrade the gearbox in the shortest time span.

The following are the list of Hansen gearbox services offered at Motor and Gear Engineering.

  • Disassembling and closely examining the gearbox parts.
  • Detecting the root cause of failure and repairing the damage accordingly.
  • Renewing the components completely, including bearings and seals (in case they are found faulty).
  • Assembling the gearbox and conducting a test run.
  • Performing a revision as per the revision proposal.
  • Painting the gearbox upon customers request.
  • Creating a complete inspection/repairing report.
  • Sending the gearbox back to the customer along with a detailed report.

Our People

We have been highly responsive to customers requirements since our inception. Our highly qualified service team largely contributes in meeting the customers needs on time every time. Our engineers and technicians are highly qualified to inspect, dismantle, repair, and maintain Hansen industrial gearboxes in-house or on-site, according to client specifications.

Spare Parts

At Motor and Gear Engineering, we procure original spare parts to repair Hansen gearboxes. The use of original spare parts helps us completely refurbish the unit making it as good as a brand new one. Also, by utilizing original spare parts, we add to the reliability and performance of the gearbox units.


The most important aspect in our service portfolio is gearbox inspection. Once appropriate repairing/ servicing is performed, the gearbox unit undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure the gearbox is functioning right. We have a team of experts that utilize modern techniques, including endoscope and visual inspection to check the unit. Hansen gearboxes are checked against various parameters, including oil viscosity, lubrication, and performance of bearings, among others.

Approach your Damaged Hansen Gearboxes

By getting your faulty Hansen gearboxes to us, you can be rest assured with a completely renovated unit that performs better than ever before. We maintain optimum quality in all phases of repair.

Apart from repairing/upgrading services and structured maintenance, we also provide preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Following the preventive and predictive maintenance recommendations helps avoid expensive repairs and costly downtime.


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