Authorized Flender Gearbox Rebuild Shop

Warranty And Lead Times


Motor & Gear Engineering follows AGMA standards for gear manufacturing, EASA Standards for rotating equipment vibration allowances and program related requirements (Siemens / Flender Rebuilder Contract) for all repairs. Quality testing documents on all repairs will be taken and filed for future reference as needed. Although our goal is always zero defects, we realize that from time to time there will be product issues that occur and we will do our best to address them quickly and efficiently.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions related to the warranty are listed below:

  • This warranty covers parts replaced or repaired by Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. only. It does not extend to other components present in the gearbox.
  • This warranty will be considered void if any parts have been tampered with. The components should be in the same state as installed by Motor & Gear Engineering Inc.
  • The warranty period is mentioned on the time of delivery. It should be adhered to, at all times. No extension will be made available to the same.
  • Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. will not be liable for any damage resulting from breach of the said terms and conditions.
  • Service and maintenance terms are provided with all of our warranty terms. The client has to regularly maintain the machines to ensure that the components do not underperform.
  • The warranty will not be applicable, if the gearbox or motors have not been maintained as directed by Motor & Gear Engineering Inc.

Lead Time

For the various services offered by us, the lead times range as follows:

Sr. No Service Type Bearings only New Gearing Needed
1 Standard (Non-Rush) 1 to 3 Weeks 8 to 12 Weeks
2 Emergency **RUSH** 1 – 3 Days A*: < 1 Week
B**: 3 to 5 Weeks

*A – If surplus gearing available

**B – Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. can manufacture AGMA Class-12 gearing in-house for the fastest turnaround of gearing product

Sr. No Product Type General Turnaround Time Additional Work (1) Additional Work (2)
1 Motors Reconditioning: 1 to 2 Days Rebuilds: 2 – 4 Days N/A
2 Gear Boxes
1-2 days to 7 – 10 days based on complexity of box and availability of products
For New Gearing: Additional 1 – 5 weeks N/A
3 Control Panels & Drives 2 – 4 Days 1 Day needed for diagnostics 1-3 days needed for rewiring, programming, and other processes
4 Hydraulics & Pneumatics 2 – 3 Days Shaft Work (If needed): Additional 1 – 2 Days N/A
5 Machined items Less Than 24 Hours Reverse Engineering: Additional 1 Day Hardening & Hard Turn Down: Additional 2 – 3 Days
6 Major Machinery and Project Installation
Since this is detailed work, the turnaround time as well as repair charges will be discussed with the client. Work will commence only after the quotation has been finalized.


Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. is dedicated to providing its clients with the most reliable service. We ensure that our rebuilds and repairs are technically sound. Several tests are conducted to check the quality of the work. Additionally, our warranties against our services allow you to rest assured about the quality and reliability of the work performed. For more information about warranty, lead time, and other such details, please feel free to fill out the Enquiry form or contact us at:770-454-9001