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Laser Alignment

In industries, the machines are often connected to each other through a shaft coupling. Over the time, there might be some misalignment of these shafts, which can lead to failure of the machines, leading to a major loss of energy, as well as production. So, it is necessary to ensure the shaft alignment after regular intervals. Shaft alignment, or coupling alignment is a process in which two or more rotating shafts are arranged in a co-linear way. There are several tools and methods, which can be employed to align the shafts, such as optics, laser, dial indicators, calipers, or straightedges. However, laser alignment is considered to the most precise and fastest methods among all. At Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc., we are experienced in providing these services for several years now.

Laser Alignment Services Provided by Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc.

We are known to provide comprehensive services, when it comes to laser alignment. The following are some areas of our services:

  • Shaft Alignment
  • Flatness Alignment
  • Bore Alignment

Problems That Might Arise Due to Bad Shaft Alignment

There are a number of problems that may arise as a result of bad shaft alignment. The following are some most common ones:

  • It can lead to failure of bearing
  • There are increased chances of lost production time
  • The overall quality of the product can get hampered
  • It can cause the seals to leak
  • The coupling can undergo wear and tear
  • There would be increase in the levels of vibration
  • If not taken proper measures, it can also lead to the shaft breakage
  • A lot of energy would be consumed

Benefits of Availing the Laser Alignment Service from Us

Precise alignment of the shaft can help you in the following ways:

  • It helps cut down the power consumption.
  • A properly aligned shaft is free from the risk of early wear and tear.
  • Timely laser alignment helps in avoiding the risk of overheating of bearings and couplings.
  • The vibrations in the shafts, as well as the foundation bolts are reduced considerably. Thus, the possible damage to these components is reduced.
  • Laser aligning the shafts allows you to couple the motors with the pumps quickly, and easily.
  • The operating efficiency of the shaft is increased significantly.

Are you interested in availing the laser alignment services from us, and get the aforementioned benefits? We are just a call away.