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Electric Motor Design

Electric motors are the devices, which are used to convert electric power into mechanical rotary motion. This mechanical motion is controllable. These motors are also known for converting electric power into a linear force motion. They control the motion of mechanisms and machines by functioning along with software, drive electronics, and position feedback. Electric motors generally function in motion system. Are you planning to get your electric motor designed? It is best to leave the job to the experts. Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. is one of the leading and experienced electric motor design service providers in the US.

Steps involved in Electric Motor Design

We, at Motor and Gear Engineering follow these steps during electric motor design:

  • The first step in designing an electric motor is assessing the current system. Our professional engineers will analyze your existing system, which helps us understand the dimensions for the required electric motor design.
  • After the primary analysis, a system analysis is carried out. This helps us understand both current, as well as the future HP output requirements.
  • Once the basic analysis is done, a proper evaluation of the operation and maintenance problems is done.
  • Now that enough data is available, it makes it easier for us to determine what auxiliary equipment is required. It also helps us note down the required modifications or additions, such as type of bearings, RTD/s or thermocouples, wattage of space heater, etc.
  • By now, the design of electric motor is ready. It is then reviewed and approved.
  • Before delivering the electric motor, we perform a final testing, which helps us ensure whether the system is working fine and as desired.

Different Types of Electric Motor Designs

Electric motors can have various designs based on the permanent magnet (PM) motor solutions: The following are a few electric motor designs:

  • Universal Motors
  • PM Brush Motors
  • PM Brushless DC Trapezoidal “6-Step” with Hall Effects
  • PM Brushless AC Sinusoidal with Resolver
  • Induction Motors (Not PM)

It is best to leave the designing part of an electric motor to the expert for better end product. Are you looking for an expert, who can help you design your electric motor? You have come to the right place. Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. is a leading company, which helps its customers in electric motor design needs. Precision in designing coupled with a huge experience at our back has made us one of the most preferred service providers in the US. In addition to this, we are known to provide prompt service and quick turnaround times, which has help us achieve a base of several satisfied customers from various industries. We have served a huge variety of clients from industries, such as cement & concrete, printing, automotive, textile, food & beverage, and much more. When you decide on buying electric motor design service from us, you can rest assured about the quality delivered. This is because we make use of branded and original spare parts and never compromise on the quality. Do you want to get more information on electric motor design service provided by our experts? Well, we are just a call away. Please give us a call on our phone 770-454-9001 at the earliest.