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Hydraulic Cylinder Design & Development

Hydraulic cylinders are basically devices that convert hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy. This means that the energy stored in the hydraulic fluid contained in these cylinders is converted into a force, which is used to move the cylinder in a straight line. These cylinders make use of fluid pressure to push or pull a load.

Are you looking for an experienced company, which provides quality services in hydraulic cylinder design and development? Well, your long wait and search just ended. Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. is one of the most popular service providers in the US, when it comes to design and development of hydraulic cylinders. The design of these cylinders require a lot of precision, coupled with a good experience in the same. We have both these qualities, and this has helped us serve our customers in a better way.

Hydraulic Cylinder Design Capabilities at Motor & Gear Engineering Inc.

We provide the following capabilities in the hydraulic cylinder design and development services:

Bore Size 1.5? to 12?
Maximum Operating Pressure 5000 PSI
Mounting Options Clevis
Spherical Bushings
Foot Mount
Maximum Stroke Length 240 “


Highlights of Hydraulic Cylinder Design and Development Services Provided by Motor & Gear Engineering Inc.

The following are the highlights of hydraulic cylinder design and development services:

  • We help design and develop original designs in hydraulic cylinders.
  • Our professionals study different issues related to operation and maintenance.
  • The older units are upgraded with new capabilities.
  • We perform extensive testing prior to making the device available for our clients.

What Specifications You Should Look for While Buying Hydraulic Cylinder Design Services

If you are planning to avail hydraulic cylinder design services, then you should consider the following specifications:

  • Stroke – The stroke is the distance that a piston travels in a hydraulic cylinder. It can vary from a fraction of an inch to several feet.
  • Bore Diameter – The diameter of the cylinder bore is referred to as bore diameter. It is also very important to determine this parameter before designing a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Rod Diameter – Rod diameter refers to the diameter of the piston in a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Type of Cylinder – Based on the application for which it is required, a hydraulic cylinder is classified into 3 types-ram, welded, and tie-rod cylinders. So, you need to have a proper understanding of the application for designing a proper cylinder.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure – Every hydraulic cylinder has an upper limit of working pressure, above which it cannot operate. This is referred to as the maximum operating pressure of the cylinder. While designing, this parameter is considered and can vary depending upon the application.

We make use of only the original and branded spare parts in the design and development of hydraulic cylinders, which helps us achieve high quality end product. This has helped us built a huge base of happy customers from varied industries, which include chemical, printing, mining, automotive, and food and beverage industries. Are you intrigued in knowing more about the hydraulic cylinders design and development services provided by us? Then get in touch with our professionals today. You can reach out to us via phone on 770-454-9001.