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Bonfiglioli Gearbox Repair

  • A comprehensive range of Bonfiglioli gearbox repair services
  • 100% original Bonfiglioli gearbox parts used
  • On-site gearbox inspection services
  • Field services for emergency repair and replacement requirements
  • 1-year warranty on all repair works and replaced parts
Bonfiglioli Gearbox Repair

Bonfiglioli gearboxes are one of the popular types of mechanical devices designed for meeting complex requirements of automation, mobile, renewable energy, and industrial applications. They transmit motion and power between axes. These gearboxes are designed for abusive working environments, still, they may fail to perform as expected. A faulty gearbox can affect the performance of your systems and increase downtimes, thereby affecting productivity. This is when it becomes important to get them inspected and repaired from a qualified Bonfiglioli gearbox repair service provider like Motor & Gear Engineering. With an experience spanning over 40 years, we have helped several clients optimize the value of their Bonfiglioli gearboxes through our timely repair and refurbishment services.

Bonfiglioli Gearbox Repair and Rebuild Procedures

Our Bonfiglioli gearbox repair and rebuild services are handled by experts, and we assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We provide 24/7 support on all complex requirements, thereby helping clients minimize their downtimes. We use only 100% original Bonfiglioli spare parts, which allows us to assure strict adherence to OEM guidelines.

  • On-Site Service: Our experts may visit your premises to inspect the Bonfiglioli gearbox and drives.
  • Gearbox Inspection and Evaluation: The gearbox is cleaned, and a detailed inspection is conducted. During the evaluation, our experts try to analyze different causes of failure. In addition to visual inspection, we also utilize video endoscopy and vibrations monitoring to understand the functioning of various parts. Several factors such as the type of oil used, quality and level of oil, vibration analysis, the inspection of gear teeth and bearings, and so on are studied in this phase.
  • Disassembly: In this step, all bolts are removed, and the gearbox is totally disassembled. This complete disassembly allows our experts to conduct a preliminary evaluation of conditions, and decide on the type of repair needed.
  • Seeking Customer Approval: All the findings are included in a detailed report, which is shared with the customer. The report offers an in-depth view of parts, minor or major damages observed on the parts, suggestive recommendations for parts to be repaired, or reverse engineered, and so on. We always suggest repairs over retrofitting, because it can be done easily and is comparatively cheaper than retrofitting. The turnaround times for repairing is usually 1–7 days depending on the complexity of damage.

Highlights of Bonfiglioli Gearbox Repair Services at Motor & Gear Engineering

At Motor and Gear Engineering, the gearbox repairing starts after seeking customer approval. It proceeds through the following steps:

  • The bearings in the housing are carefully inspected, and their diameters are compared.
  • Shafts and gears are thoroughly inspected to identify their flaws.
  • The line bore of the gearbox is set up, and the gear box is repaired or rebuilt to OEM specifications.
  • All seals and gaskets of bearings are replaced, and shafts are rebuilt to OEM specifications.
  • Bearings and gear shafts are re-aligned.
  • All worn out and damaged surfaces are repaired and restored to their original condition.
  • The gearbox is assembled following engineering instructions provided by the OEM.
  • All bolts are tightened during the reassembly, and vibration analysis is conducted to ensure the proper functioning of bearings.
  • After assembly, the gearbox is subjected to several tests to ensure their performance in abusive environments.
  • Finally, the gearbox is sandblasted and painted to improve their aesthetic appeal, and resistance to abusive conditions before returning to the customer.

We understand the importance of maximum uptime and productivity across any industry. This is why we provide field services for emergency maintenance and repairs. We also suggest preventive maintenance, which allows clients to minimize the downtimes of their Bonfiglioli gearboxes and drives. Please contact us today to discuss your urgent Bonfiglioli gearbox repair needs. We are available 24/7 to fulfill your repair and upgrade needs. You can call us at our service phone number 770-454-9001 or request a quote.

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