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On-Site Services

Transmission equipment are often prone to serious malfunctioning and breakdown. Hence, the need for onsite maintenance resources become critical, and an absolute necessity. At Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc., we understand and care for your equipment. Our OTS (Onsite Total Solution) program ensures fastest onsite repair service in a critical breakdown situation.

Highlights of On-Site Services Offered by Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc.

Starting from startup assistance to final component repair, we ensure complete on-site solutions related to transmission equipment. Some key highlights of our on-site services are mentioned below:

  • Failure analysis of equipment is done by performing reverse engineering of components by our on-site technical experts.
  • Depending upon the content and concentration of the oil, our test engineers are able to determine the gearbox’s condition using the oil sampling process.
  • End-to-end diagnostic services, including gear overhauling capabilities, balancing of rotating equipment, and pump repair is provided by our technical experts.
  • We provide effective removal and re-installation of gearboxes, pumps, and motors during repair and servicing, using our standardized kits.

Equipment Covered under our Onsite Services

Our facility ensures carrying out necessary emergencies field services, on-site repair, shutdowns, and various other maintenance tasks of various equipment, such as

Reasons to Choose Onsite Services Offered by Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc.

At Motor and Gear Engineering, our skilled professionals carry out a wide range of onsite technical activities as part of our preventive maintenance program. This helps reduce the overall downtime. Here are some reasons, which explain why you must consider procuring on-site services from us.

  • Accurate Inspection: Various types of inspection services are carried out by our on-site service engineer team. We provide a detailed inspection report, wherein we observe, analyze, and evaluate the faulty equipment.
  • Diverse Range of Services: Our on-site servicing team is able to carry out a wide range of maintenance activities. This includes fixing faulty equipment, finding faults, authorizing software related to gearbox repair, removal of rotary equipment, or assisting in the shutdown of gear devices.
  • Shortest Turnaround Times: In addition to providing a comprehensive range of services, our on-site maintenance team works closely with customers. This helps us provide shortest turnaround times for repair works. Customers can focus on their core business, while we provide seamless services to build or repair their transmission equipment (gearboxes, pumps, motors, and hydraulic pumps).

At Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. our highly experienced professionals are ready to cater to your requirements. Our advanced quality check services have made us one of the most preferred on-site equipment repair and assistance services in the US. If you wish to learn more about our on-site services, you can contact us at 770-454-9001.