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  • Experts in industrial gearbox upgrade services
  • Upgrading older systems to new standards
  • Advanced inspection techniques
  • Stringent quality checks
  • On-time delivery
Industrial Gearbox Upgradation Services

Offering Gearbox Upgrade Services for any Industrial Gearbox

Gearboxes are prone to damage due to any original design flaw, or repeated usage without proper maintenance. For gearboxes that experience repeated failures, Motor and Gear Engineering offers gearbox upgrade services. We are experts in upgrading industrial gearboxes of any make and model, and can enhance their design or operational performance. By availing our gearbox upgrading services, you can modify their design to support a change in your process, whilst maximizing their service life.

Highly Qualified to Address your Gearbox Upgrade Needs

Our name is trusted in the market as:

  • We have a team of expert technicians who possess expansive knowledge in upgrading older gearbox systems to modern operating standards.
  • We possess knowledge and equipment to re-engineer your system to best suit a change in process, or an intense operating requirement.
  • We have a team of proficient technicians who are experts in handling gearboxes of any brand or model.
  • We thoroughly examine the whole gearbox system to detect the root cause of failure. This helps us upgrade the unit to ensure that they perform to new operational needs.

Our Strength

We offer gearbox upgrade services to customers from automotive, defense, military, power generation, and manufacturing industries, among others. Our huge customer base stands as a testimony to our expertise in providing outstanding gearbox upgrading services.

We have gained an immense competitive advantage in the market as we:

  • Use advanced inspection techniques and equipment to upgrade gearboxes to new operating standards.
  • Own a pool of technicians who can work on-site. They are available round the clock at your facility, and work in close association with you to upgrade gearboxes as per your needs. We specialize in performing gearbox failure root cause analysis, and gearbox modification.
  • Follow stringent quality checks before the upgraded units are shipped to customer’s doorsteps. All the upgraded units and closely examined based on various quality parameters. This helps us deliver gearboxes that guarantee optimum performance for many years.

On Time Delivery with Expected Quality

If you would like to upgrade your older gearboxes that experience recurring failures, look no further than Motor and Gear Engineering. By upgrading your gearboxes to modern operating standards, we help you avoid spending huge amounts of money on buying a new one. We strive to minimize downtime, whilst keeping your operation running smoothly without any interruption.

At Motor and Gear Engineering, we are committed to on-time product delivery with expected quality. We render industrial gearbox upgrade services in cost-effective pricing, eliminating huge financial burden on customers. We make a difference in the market due to outstanding quality and professional customer service.


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