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Comprehensive Gearbox Testing Services from the Experts

A gear box is one of the fundamental components of a mechanical assembly, which allows it to work as desired. Failure in the proper functioning of this component can lead to a mechanical failure on a bigger scale. Thus, it is important that the gear boxes undergo a rigorous and stringent testing and inspection before they reach the market. This is where Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. comes into the picture. We provide a comprehensive gearbox testing services, and make sure that you receive the best quality and defect-free gearbox.

At Motor and Gear Engineering, we are well-equipped with all the required equipment for performing stringent testing for gearboxes. We have a gearbox test bead, which is specifically utilized for specified testing speeds as high as 3000 RPM. This test bed has the capability of producing loads of up to 550 kW (700 HP). A water cooled brake system is used to produce these loads.

Our fully-equipped facility, coupled with professionals at work makes us one of the most preferred and trusted gearbox testing services providers in the USA. We have equipment for testing, data monitoring, which helps to analyze and store a wide range of parameters, such as vibration, noise, torque, temperature, and oil particulates.

Gearbox Testing Capabilities at Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc.

We have the capability to carry out the following gearbox testing processes at our well-equipped facility:

  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Simple spin tests
  • Simulation of brake loads and actual running conditions
  • Contact patterns

In addition to those mentioned earlier, we have the capability to test and measure the following parameters, thanks to the advanced equipment at our facility:

  • Oil Viscosity
  • RPM In and RPM Out – Ratio Check
  • Power In and Power Out

After the parameters have been measured and the data is analyzed, it is then passed to the engineering department, which includes all the measurements and data. All this information is then included in the gearbox inspection report. After performing comprehensive and finding zero defects in the gearbox, we drain the oil completely, and send it for painting, labeling, and packing.

So, if you are looking for a gearbox testing service provider, who can provide prompt services, then you have some at the right place. Talk to our professionals, if you have any queries. You can reach out to us at 770-454-9001. Also, we provide you with a quote if you have any specific requirements.

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