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Cement And Concrete Industry

Most of the tasks in the cement and concrete industry are performed in toughest conditions with the involvement of heavy loads, shock loads, temperature extremes, exposure to constant pressures, contaminants and dirt. In order to run several intricate operations in such rugged conditions, the industry uses several kinds of robustly constructed equipment and machinery that are fabricated using heavy dusty gears, gearboxes and motors.

The Reliable Name for Superior Grade Gear Systems and Motors

When it comes to availing intelligently designed and powerfully constructed gear systems and motors for use with assortments of machinery and equipment in the cement industry, Motor and Gear Engineering name come prominent in the marketplace. We possess the ability and engineering excellence to make wide varieties of heavy duty gear systems and motors that facilitate a reliable running of your systems and apparatuses in an efficient manner.

In close association with customers from the cement/concrete industry, experts at Motor and Gear Engineering design and develop a comprehensive range of solutions for maximum operational performance, exceptional operational reliability and unmatched durability in toughest terrains.

Our exclusive verities of gear, gearboxes and motors are widely used in the making of:

  • Material handling equipment
  • Hydraulic roller press
  • Crusher
  • Blending beds
  • Grinding rollers
  • Vertical mills
  • Kiln
  • Traveler Grate
  • Roller press
  • Ball mill
  • Conveyors
  • Quarry heavy vehicles
  • Elevators
  • Blowers
  • Cranes
  • Auxiliary drives

We have maintained our position as a leading manufacturer and supplier of gear systems and motors to the cement/concrete industry due tour unrivaled superiority in providing solutions that feature:

  • Designed and engineered for heavy loads
  • Made exclusively to sustain vibrations
  • Engineered for efficient working at peak loads
  • Rigidly constructed with expert engineering tactics
  • Excellent tolerance capacity

High Performing and Tailored Products to Suit your Needs

Our team of service engineers provides you comprehensive and reliable services for repairing, rebuilding or refurbishing services. We can service all the makes and models of gear systems and motors, and can make your unit perform excellent than ever before.

The years of industry experience coupled with outstanding design and engineering know-how have made Motor and Gear Engineering a valued partner for the cement/concrete industry. Avail superiorly built gear systems and motors from the industry leading manufacturer for use in the most demanding and unfavorable conditions.


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