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  • Eisenbeiss gearbox diagnosis and repair services
  • Modern calculation software for intensive testing
  • Parts checking and overhauling
  • Advanced diagnostics services
  • Maintenance by Expert technicians
Eisenbeiss Gearbox Repairs, Reconditioning and Rebuilding Services

Eisenbeiss gearboxes are designed to meet the needs of extruder machines, and various applications in heavy industries. These gearboxes are custom manufactured for specific application requirements. Hence, the repair of these products requires in-depth knowledge of Eisenbeiss systems, and use of the latest technologies and equipment. Motor Gear Engineering, Inc. prides itself on being one of the leading Eisenbeiss gearbox repair organizations in America. Our team is capable of repairing any type of Eisenbeiss gearbox used in the United States.

Eisenbeiss Gearbox Repair Service Offerings

We provide repair and diagnostic services for Eisenbeiss gearboxes. These services are explained in detail below.

  • Re-engineering: The gearboxes undergo a thorough examination to understand the cause of a breakdown or damages. We also identify any weaknesses that may lead to future problems. We utilize modern calculation software to establish damage and breakdown causes. We then provide re-engineering solutions that bring the gearbox back to operational status.
  • Parts Replacement: We work with a group of reliable suppliers who provide us different replacement parts in record time. Our mechanics, who have more than 15 years of experience, ensure that the part is installed exactly as the original component. We always perform safety and performance checks to ensure that the gearbox is in perfect working condition post replacement part installation.
  • Overhauling: Many times, gearboxes are used for several years, resulting in parts contamination, misaligned components, and complete lack of performance. In such cases, we provide complete Eisenbeiss gearbox overhaul. This is where we dismantle and clean every component. Every toothed component undergoes detailed inspection. All the housing parts are checked for any kind of deformation.


  • Endoscopy: At Motor Gear Engineering, we perform video endoscopy as part of our diagnostic services. The tip of an endoscope is fitted with a video camera, allowing use to inspect and assess gears, bearings, and high risk components.
  • Vibration Analysis: We utilize vibration monitoring technology to conduct vibration analysis on specific components such as bearings or gear teeth. Conducting this diagnostic allows us to detect and fix any problem related to gearbox components.

We are trusted by customers due to our quick response time to calls. We provide detailed examination reports, with suggestions regarding solutions to specific problems. If the customer is complaining of specific malfunctions, we can also send a team onsite to examine the gearbox. All our repair and maintenance procedures are handled by experienced technicians.

Rest assured that with Motor Gear Engineering, Inc., you will receive fast, detailed, and long-lasting repair solutions.

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