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Quality Matters: How to Pick the Perfect Pump Repair Service Provider

A pump, be it of any type or designed for specific applications, requires repair and maintenance over time. Repairing a pump rather than replacing it saves costs as well as production downtime, and the process can be restored quickly. There are several types and sizes of pump repair shops, from standalone garages to big facilities with the right equipment and expertise. The latter is usually pump repair service centers run by OEMs. Here, it is essential to partner with an authorized pump repair service provider for that specific brand. It is also essential to understand the type of services the provider offers and if they have original parts in case a replacement is required. This post discusses some pointers which may be helpful when choosing a industrial pump repair service partner.

Pointers to Choose the Right Pump Repair Service Provider

There are a number of factors to consider when partnering with a industrial pump repair service provider, especially for a particular brand. Here are some pointers which may help you partner with the right service provider.

  • Authorized service providers: There are several brands of pumps that have diverse applications ranging from wastewater treatment to automotive repairs. Look for authorized repair and rebuild centers that service a number of brands of pumps. These service providers are authorized and certified by those particular pump brand OEMs. Verify the provider and perform a vendor audit before partnering.
  • Repair services offered: Focus on the types of repair and rebuild services they offer. Check if they offer basic as well as extended repairs. Some basic repairs include on-site troubleshooting, disassembly and inspection, replacement of shaft, couplings, bearings, bushings, packing or seals reassembling, painting, and delivery. Extended or advanced repairs include documenting critical dimensions & clearances, replacement of bearings, bushings, and couplings, replacement or straightening of the shaft, replacement of mechanical seals, and restoring clearances between impeller and case liner. Also, check if they have the expertise and experience to offer a complete rebuild, redesign, and upgrade of the pump.
  • Response time: To avoid possible downtime, the service provider must be in a position to offer fast turnaround times. Check how many business days they take to complete the repair process, depending on its complexity. See if they offer end-to-end services from actual inspection and repairs to painting and deliver it within the decided timeframe.
  • Shipping services: Check if the service provider offers shipping services to other states. At the same time, check if the offer onsite services.

Once you choose the right industrial pump repair service provider, it is essential to share your issues and requirements with them at length. Ensure you choose an authorized repair and rebuild services provider. Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. is one of the leading players offering repair and rebuilding services for many reputed brands of pumps such as KSB and EBARA. With a market presence of more than 45 years, the company is known for its expertise in pump repair and rebuild segment.