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Flender Gearbox Repair and Maintenance: Reasons for Failure and Features Analyzed

Flender gearboxes are used in industrial and maritime sectors for power generation, motion control, and so on. Over the years, Flender has set high standards for gearbox manufacturing. It has introduced gearboxes with high torque density up to 200 Nm/kg making them ideal for new market standards. They provide various types of gears, including worm gears, spur gears, double helical gears, helical gears, herringbone gears, external ring gears, and pinion gears. Although gearboxes are designed for maximum uptime, they may fail to perform. There are various reasons for the failure of Flender gearboxes. If you have been using these gears in your industrial facilities, you must be aware of these reasons. Also, you must partner with a trusted Flender gearbox repair service to get these boxes repaired. This post focuses on both these aspects of gearbox repair. 

Flender Gearbox Repair & Maintenance

Why Do These Gears Require Repair and Maintenance?

Below are the reasons why Flender gearboxes fail and need repair:

  • Challenging Operational Environments: A gearbox is used in challenging environments where they may endure dust, chemicals, as well as high temperatures, and humidity conditions. This exposure may lead to wear and tear of gears. 
  • Lack of Maintenance:  Flender gearboxes are employed in challenging applications and require regular maintenance. If not checked on the time, it may result in more extensive repairs.
  • Improper Lubrication: Poor lubrication is one of the important reasons for gear or gearbox failures. Lubrication helps reduce the coefficient of friction and reduce the temperature rise. Insufficient lubrication may lead to premature failure of gears and tooth wear and tear. 
  • Contamination: Water and particulate contamination are two major causes of gearbox failure. Water contamination can affect the lubricating properties of oil and cause foaming. Particulate contamination is usually caused by using dirty oil in the gearbox, and this may lead to wear and tear.

A good Flender gearbox repair service will help you overcome the issues caused due to the above reasons. However, remember, not all gearbox repair services are created equal. They differ in terms of services, turnaround times, costs, and above all – experiences. The next section discusses some common services offered by Flender gearbox repair services. 

Features of Flender Gearbox Repair Services

Below are some common services offered by Flender gearbox repair shops: 

  • Manufacturing Pinion and Ring Gear Sets: Ring and pinion gear sets enable the power transmission between the engine and the wheels of the motor vehicle. When partnering with gearbox repair services, ensure they can build pinion and ring gear sets. 
  • Repairing and Renovating Bearing and Seal Surfaces: Repairing and rebuilding gearbox equipment like bearings and seals include proper lubrication, cleaning, and so on. All this is important to keep them in good shape for effective and prolonged performance.
  • Replacing Bearing, Seals, and Gasket: A gearbox may start malfunctioning due to damaged bearings, seals, or gaskets. These pieces of equipment are mostly unrepairable and therefore require a replacement to get the gearbox back to work.
  • Rebuilding and Repairing Pinion Gear and Output Pinion Gear Shaft: A pinion gear is connected to the steering shaft and hence plays a vital role in moving the rack. Any severe damage to the pinion gear or its shaft may not work through repairing, and thus it may need rebuilding.

The above information will help you gain a brief overview of Flender gearbox repair services and the reasons for repairing them. Moreover, when it comes to repairing a Flender gearbox, you must partner with a trusted Flender gearbox repair center like Motor and Gear Engineering. The company is the authorized distributor of Flender motor gearboxes in the US and has a line of new Flender units in stock. As a certified Flender Gearboxes Repair Unit, the company performs repair of Flender standard helical and bevel-helical gear units, Flender couplings, and Flender Redurex line.