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Gear Broaching Services: What to Expect

Gears are one of the important components of various industrial machines and equipment. They feature cut teeth. In a machine, the toothed part of several gears mesh together to create a torque. Nowadays, various types of gears are produced for accomplishing different functions. Depending on their function, these gears are created in several ways. Broaching is one of the important ways of assembling a gear, and it is performed by gear broaching services. To understand how gear broaching services may help, you need to know the basics of gear broach such as: What does the process involve? What are the typical tools used for broaching? The post answers these and other questions that you may have in your mind regarding gear broaching services.

Gear Broaching: How it is performed?

Broaching is a machining process, where a toothed tool is used to remove material from over the surface that is being machined. This process is used to create circular, flat, and intricate profiles, and is ideal for forming splines and internal gears. The broach cutting tool is pulled through the material to cut it into the desired shape. Its tooth size increases during the process.

Although broaching can be performed manually, most gear broaching services employ machines to broach the material. These machines are used to maneuver or hold the broach tool when it is pulled through the workpiece. The machines are designed to series of broaching tools or single point tools in the direction of the holder. Each tool varies in shape and size, so that they can chip the material in the required thickness. The spacing and shape of each broaching tool on the machine is decided by the user, on the basis of the material amount to be removed and the desired length of the gear. Tonnage restrictions of the machine is also one of the important considerations in the selection of the tool.

Gear Broaching: Linear and Rotary Broaching Types Explained.

Gear broaching services perform two types of broaching – linear broaching and rotary broaching.

  • Linear Broaching: In this process, the broach tool runs linearly against the workpiece surface. Most broaching machines are equipped with these type of broaches.
  • Rotary Broaching: In this type of broaching, the broach is pressed into the workpiece to produce an asymmetric pattern.

Know about Different Types of Broaching Machines

Most times, these machines are hydraulically powered; however, mechanically-powered machines are also used. Broaching machines are mainly distinguished into two types, vertical and horizontal, and internal and external broaches.

  • Horizontal Machines: These machines enable the broach to pull through the workpiece.
  • Vertical Machines: These machines are designed to push the broach through the workpiece Of these two types, vertical broaching machines are common, whereas horizontal broaching machines are used for specific tasks. Broaching can be performed on internal and external surfaces of a gear. Different types of broaches are used for both these purposes.
  • Internal Broaches: The broaching tools used for internal broaching have sides with an inward draft. The machines used for this type of broaching may range from simple presses to automated multi-stationed verticals. Keyway broaches, spline broaches, and shell broaches are types of internal broaches.
  • External Broaches: The sides of the external broach are drafted outside. These drafts help keep the broach tools from getting stuck during the operation. Rotary broaches and surface broaches are used to remove the material from external surfaces.

A Few Types of Tools Used for Gear Broaching

The following are different types of tools used for gear broaching:

  • Helical broaches
  • Spur broaches
  • Fir tree broaches
  • Pot broaches
  • Hard broaches
  • Burnishers

Gear broaching is normally utilized by customers in applications in agriculture, electronics, automotive, heavy-duty machinery, and several such industries. If you plan to take advantage of gear broaching services, it is important that you partner with a reliable service provider like Motor and Gear Engineering. The company provides gear broaching services to its clients across the mining, chemical, printing, steel, automotive, and textile industries.