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Why and When is it Important to Replace/Repair Your Water Pump

A water pump plays an undoubtedly important role in keeping your car engine running smoothly. True, we hardly pay any attention to this part of our vehicle, but when it comes to keeping the car engine from overheating, the responsibility of a water pump can’t be overlooked. If you are wondering about the after-effects of overheating; it can lead to damages like warped heads, damaged head gaskets, or even may lead to complete seizure of your engine, which would require you to replace it fully. The water pump being a closed system works in a loop while pushing out the antifreeze or coolant from your car engine. 

How Does a Water Pump Operate?

When the car engine is started, the pulley placed on the front of your engine sets the serpentine belts in motion, which in turn moves the other movable components of the engine. The water pump draws water from the radiator to the engine block. The water acts as a coolant and is directed through the engine in order to keep it running at a favorable operating temperature. The supply of the water throughout the engine depends upon the engine’s temperature, which should not be too high or too low.

Why and when to repair your water pump?

As discussed earlier, the water pump is one of the most important components for your car as it makes sure that your engine operates without interruption under perfect working temperature. It is imperative to keep a watch at its functional value to ensure that your engine does not undergo irreparable damages.

Following are the signs that you should replace your water pump:

  • The weep hole of the water pump shows significant amount of oil or coolant leaking from it, you should replace your water pump
  • You find the temperature of your engine going higher than normal
  • You find yourself adding water to the reservoir more than often
  • The green and orange-colored puddle under your car changes into red or brick-red in color
  • You start getting an odor inside your engine compartment which was not there before
  • You hear a loud whining noise from the engine compartment

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