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Inside the Gears: Exploring Philadelphia Gearbox Repairs with Motor & Gear Engineering

Gears are crucial elements in machines and many industrial equipment that require mobility and speed control among other features. A gearbox is primarily an enclosure with a set of gears that control different speeds. While advanced instrumentation and control has brought in automated gear control, hydraulics, and more, the testing and repair systems and tools required for gearbox repairs have evolved as well. Motor & Gear Engineering has advanced inspection and repairing equipment to check, upgrade, and repair any make and model gearboxes including Philadelphia Gearboxes. Philadelphia Gear is a known name in gearbox manufacturing, and Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. takes pride in being one of the reliable and authorized Philadelphia gearboxes repair service provider in the US. This post throws light on the Philadelphia gearboxes repair services offered by Motor & Gear Engineering.

Services Offered for Philadelphia Gearbox Repairs

Motor & Gear Engineering offers reliable and good-quality Philadelphia gearbox repair & maintenance services with fast turnaround times. Here are some important aspects regarding their Philadelphia gearbox repair service offerings.

  • Inspection and Failure Analysis: Motor & Gear Engineering has all the advanced equipment required for an in-depth inspection and failure analysis of gearboxes. Once the team receives the gearbox, it is dismantled and cleaned. Next, a visual inspection is performed and all the components such as gears, bearings, seals, and shafts are checked thoroughly to check for any signs of damage such as cracks, burrs, oil passage blockages, and more. Gearbox seats and seal surfaces are measured. Since, everything is not visible to bare eyes, testing is done using particle dye, x-ray, and magnaflux techniques that are non-destructive (NDT) in nature. A team of engineers performs an evaluation and accordingly recommends repairs, rebuilds, or replacements.
  • Vibration Analysis: This is an important part of the maintenance program offered by the company, as it detects potential failures in early stages or before they start. This condition monitoring technique can detect functional issues on time and prevent losses. This is done by placing vibration sensors at certain locations in the gearbox to collect data in terms of frequency range, vibration amplitude, and so on. This vibration data is analyzed using software
  • Oil Analysis: Lack of lubrication affects the performance of gears and may result in friction and subsequent malfunctioning. For oil analysis, on oil sample is taken with the help of cleaned equipment and tested in the lab, where the check for any presence of particles, viscosity, color, chemical additives, and more. The team at Motor & Gear Engineering ensures the gears are appropriately lubricated as the part of this predictive maintenance technique.
  • Design Upgrades, Repair or Replacement: Based on all of these inspections and their reports, the team decides if a gearbox can be repaired or requires replacements. A number of manufacturing units also look for design upgrades to complement the gearbox with upgraded integrated systems. The team at Motor & Gear understands their requirements and offers customized solutions accordingly.

Motor & Gear Engineering combines quality with unmatched speed of servicing. If you have Philadelphia gearbox in your machines and are looking for a reliable repair services provider, you can trust Motor & Gear Engineering in terms of accuracy, quality, and use of original parts if replacement is required. The company is one of the leading players offering repair and rebuilding services for Philadelphia Gear among many other reputed brands. For any information you require about their Philadelphia gearbox repair services, you can contact them via phone or email.