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Know the Factors Involved in EBARA Pump Repairs

EBARA is a reliable manufacturer of several types of pumps with a large application across industries. These pumps feature performance-driven designs. They are widely used across labor-intensive industries. Although these pumps are known for their long-term performance, they require regular repair and maintenance like other industrial pumps. When it comes to repair and maintenance, you need to partner with a trusted service provider. Motor & Gear Engineering Inc. is one of the leading repair service providers for EBARA pumps used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Motor & Gear has a huge inventory of EBARA pumps and related accessories, along with professionally trained technicians to carry out repairs. They can repair and rebuild these pumps, and offer replacement parts and services at the best prices.

Important Factors Pertaining to EBARA Pump Repairs

Motor & Gear Engineering offers offer both repair and maintenance programs. They also revamp existing pumps to add new features using advanced technologies. Here are some important factors related to the same:

  • There are various models of EBARA pumps and the extent of maintenance and revamp depends on each model and client requirements.
  • Original parts are offered if part replacement is required for any model of EBARA pump.
  • Motor & Gear offers services such as complete repairs including replacement of electrical wirings.
  • A root cause analysis is done before any pump is repaired, which is shared with the customer along with the estimated charges.
  • Once the customer approves the price estimate and the process, the company goes ahead with the repair.
  • A good inventory of all the possible spare parts is essential for an efficient and speedy repair.
  • Based upon certain conditions, the company offers onsite repair and maintenance services.
  • They offer a warranty on all repaired EBARA pumps.
  • They offer the fastest possible turnaround time on most repairs.

Regular maintenance and timely repairs help extend the operational life of these pumps by several years, thus making these processes important for interrupted production in your application. The experts at Motor & Gear Engineering are committed to help clients optimize the value of their EBARA pumps. They have been ensuring the same through timely pump repairs and maintenance. Along with this, they are also keen to promote the importance of safety during pump repairs. The safety measures are discussed in detail in the next section.

Safety Measures for EBARA Pump Repairs

The experts at Motor & Gear Engineering agree that any repair and maintenance activity should be carried out by experienced professionals, and by taking all the required safety measures. Here are some safety measures listed:

  • Technical documentation of any machine, device, or equipment is crucial when it comes to operation, repair, maintenance, and so on. Refer to the documentation given by the manufacturer.
  • Keep it away from any power cables.
  • Ensure the power switch is turned off and the cable disconnected before starting any inspection of repair.
  • Use appropriate equipment, such as a crane, to lift it, and check the weight as mentioned in the documentation before lifting it.
  • Check the load, balance and center of gravity when lifting it.
  • Do not put your hands inside the pump when it is being operated.
  • Seek help of a qualified technician to check the electrical wiring and when disassembling the pump.

 Do you have any doubts on the EBARA pump repair or maintenance services provided by Motor & Gear Engineering? You must approach the experts at the company. Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. is also a well-known repair service provider for various pumps and gearboxes. They have a market presence of more than 45 years.