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Learn About David Brown Repair Process at Motor & Gear Engineering

Gears and gearboxes have been an integral part of industrial equipment for several years now. These devices play a key role in the functioning of equipment and are designed to perform in challenging environments. Owing to such an important role, businesses choose gear solutions from industry-leading brands. If you are looking for the finest quality gearboxes with rigid construction, David Brown gear and gearboxes are the answer. These gearboxes are equipped with sophisticated features and are designed to meet the challenging industrial requirements.

Like any other mechanical device, these gears and gearboxes are prone to damage and may require regular maintenance and repair. Although it is easy to find several gearbox repair services in the area where you live, not all may be equipped to repair industry-leading David Brown gearboxes. This is where your search expands beyond your region. If you are currently searching for one then this post introduces you to Motor & Gear Engineering, which is one of the leading David Brown gearbox repair services in the US. The company has helped its clients make the best use of their David Brow gear systems with routine maintenance and fast-turnaround, quality repair services. This post highlights several steps involved in the David Brown gearbox repair services offered by Motor & Gear Engineering.

Motor & Gear Engineering’s David Brown Gearboxes Repair Services Discussed in Brief

At Motor & Gear Engineering, the experts have spent a lot of time understanding gears and gearboxes. This gives them an edge when it comes to repairing gearboxes from brands like David Brown. The service proceeds in the following way:

  • The gearbox repair, rebuilding, and reconditioning starts with a regular visual inspection.
  • The device is completely disassembled and the parts are cleaned for further analysis.
  • The experts understand how difficult it is to repair a gearbox without knowing the main cause of failure. A failure doesn’t happen in a day and it happens over time. Corrosive and abrasive wear, inadequate lubrication, overloading, misalignment, scuffing, and installation and handling errors are a few common reasons for the failure of a gearbox. To identify it, the experts at Motor & Gear Engineering perform an in-depth analysis of parts. Along with the visual inspection, the in-depth analysis includes vibration analysis and endoscopy that enables experts to analyze the condition of components like gears, bearings, and so on.
  • The findings from the visual inspection, vibration analysis, and endoscopy are included in an analysis report that is shared with the client. The report also includes information on the scope of repair of the components or the gearbox on a whole along with the total costs. The actual repair or recondition begins after seeking approval on the report.  
  • Once the inspection of the gearbox is done, the next important step is to repair and rebuild the gearbox. All worn out parts are replaced with original spare parts. At times, a complete overhaul is done to restore the gearbox to its original working condition.
  • Motor and Gear Engineering offers repairs and rebuilding for various types of David Brown gearbox models including spur gears, helical gears, vertical mill drive, high-speed gearboxes, and so on.

Motor and Gear Engineering specializes in customized repairs and solutions. The company has been helping its clients to minimize their carbon footprint by maximizing the value of their David Brown gears and gearboxes for several years now. The company also provides repairs and maintenance of gear systems from leading industry brands such as Sumitomo, Flender Gearbox, Falk, Eisenbeiss, and so on.