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Link Belt Gearboxes – Reason for Failure and Repair Services Offered by Motor & Gear Engineering Discussed?

Link Belt is a globally known brand of industrial gearboxes. Along with gearboxes, Link Belt also offers cranes, speed reducers, hydraulic products, and so on. They manufacture high-quality gearboxes that stand for high mechanical efficiency, durability, operational reliability, minimum noise production, and so on. Link Belt gearboxes are popular among a wide range of industries. Although of superior quality, these gearboxes may fail after a certain period of time due to various reasons. In this case, you must get them repaired by a trusted Link Belt gearboxes repair services provider like Motor & Gear Engineering. If you are using Link Belt gearboxes in your industrial facilities, then you must read the post below for the repair and maintenance of your Link Belt gearboxes. This post focuses on the reasons that may lead to the failure of these gearboxes and the repair services offered by Motor & Gear Engineering.

5 Common Reasons for Gearboxes Failure

The given below are the most common reasons due to which gearboxes may fail and need repair:

  1. Inadequate Lubrication: Gearboxes constantly move in a rotational pattern to transfer energy. The continuous rotation of gearboxes without proper lubrication results in wear and tear of any industrial gearbox. Lubrication protects gearboxes from the coefficient of friction and rising temperature. Therefore, it is essential to lubricate these gearboxes with recommended oils regularly.
  2. Lack of Maintenance: This is one of the most common reasons for gearbox failure. Gearboxes are mostly installed in challenging environments, and therefore they need to be checked regularly. Any machine that is continuously operational and in motion needs periodic maintenance. If not examined on time, they may stop functioning properly.
  3. Tough Industrial Environment: Industrial environments are prone to humidity, dust, chemicals, and other particles. When these substances come in contact with gearboxes, they affect the overall functioning of gearboxes and may lead to wear of the gears.
  4. Contaminants: Particulate matter and water contamination are major reasons for gearbox failure. Water contamination can affect the effectiveness of lubricants and oil, and particulate contamination is caused when pollutant oil is used in the gearboxes. Therefore, it is important to keep gearboxes away from contaminating substances to reduce failure chances.

Link Belt Gearboxes Repair Services Offered by Motor & Gear Engineering

Motor and Gear Engineering offers high-quality Link Belt gearbox repair services. The following is an overview of the repair services offered by them.

  • The company has a large inventory of 100 percent guaranteed OEM components for spare parts replacement.
  • All the engineers and technicians at Motor & gear Engineering are certified, which allows you to rely on their service.
  • Along with repair and maintenance, the company provides reconditioning services with laser alignment.
  • Specialized cleaning is performed to remove dust and grease from the gearboxes.
  • The replaced gearbox components are backed with one year of warranty.
  • Once the gearbox is completely repaired, it is handed over to the inspection team, which examines the gearbox working to revive its performance and ensure quality.
  • The company offers the fastest turnaround times on its repair services without compromising on quality.
  • In addition to these services, Motor & Gear Engineering also serves onsite pull/push installations for customers who cannot bring the gearboxes to the shop.

The above information will help you understand the reasons for gearbox failure and the importance of getting them repaired on time. Motor & Gear Engineering offers authorized Link Belt gearbox repair services. The team of experienced repair technicians and mechanical engineers at Motor & Gear engineering can help you repair your Link Belt gearboxes on time. The company provides reliable repair and maintenance services and specialized cleaning operations. Motor and Gear Engineering uses 100 percent guaranteed OEM products you can rely on. In addition, they also provide one year of warranty on the repaired Link Belt gearboxes.