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Motor & Gear Engineering’s Industrial Gearbox Repair and Rebuild Services

Industrial gearbox problems may cause major setbacks in terms of downtime, lack of replacements, or missed deadlines. In such conditions, ordering a new gearbox can be tedious. Do you know in many such cases, gearbox replacements aren’t necessary? An expert and well-equipped gearbox repair service will help repair and rebuild your gearbox at significantly lower costs. Motor & Gear Engineering provides gearbox repair and rebuild services in the US. Read the post to know more about various gearbox repair and rebuild services offered by us.

A Discussion on Various Types of Industrial Gearbox Repair and Rebuild Services

We provide the following services under the maintenance program:

  • Visual and Videoscopic Inspections: We conduct comprehensive visual and videoscopic inspections to check for signs of overheating, corrosion, damage, and oil leaks. These inspections help us identify signs such as smoke emanating from seals, breathers, and shafts, temper colors on unpainted surfaces, melted components, foam in sight glass, low oil level in dipstick, etc. These symptoms help us decide the type of repair or replacement required.
  • Vibration Monitoring: This is an integral part of our maintenance regime. It helps us detect various frequency characteristics with a particular component or part. Our in-depth knowledge on the design of the gearbox or the bearing helps us calculate vibration frequencies appropriately.
  • Multichannel Vibration Measurements: Many times, frequencies of components are masked by vibrations of nearby parts or components, which may make diagnosis difficult. Thus, we provide multichannel vibration services that enable monitoring of dynamic behavior of various turbo-machinery components or parts efficiently.
  • Oil Condition Monitoring: As the name suggests, this process helps us understand the oil problems. Our services include testing condition of gearbox oils and lubricants. These services have enabled us help clients to extend runtimes of expensive machinery, while reducing downtimes and costly repairs.
  • Infrared Thermography: It is a method that detects infrared energy emitted from a part or component, converts it into temperature, and displays the temperature distribution through images. We use thermography equipment to scan the surface temperature of gears and gearboxes. When an overheated gearbox is being inspected, the thermal image may offer various insights on its abnormal operating temperature.
  • Onsite Bearing Changes: We have a comprehensive selection of bearings from industry-leading brands. This allows us to offer a quick replacement of bearings.
  • Wear Protection Through Laser Cladding: This is one of the advanced services provided by us. We provide a protective coating on bearings, which helps us extend the shelf life of equipment.
  • Non-destructive Research: We perform crack testing on gears. This testing is carried out by our certified and expert diagnostic engineers.
  • 24 Hours Servicing: In various industrial segments, a small downtime may bring big losses. Thus, we offer 24 hours service. Our experts will reach on the location fast.

All the above-mentioned services have enabled us to offer efficient repair and reconditioning of industrial gearboxes to our clients in various industry verticals.

Types of Gearboxes We Work With

We work with all major types of gearboxes including the following and many more:

  • Hansen
  • Falk
  • Philadelphia
  • Eisenbeis
  • Flender

We are fully equipped, and this helps us in offering industrial gearbox repair and rebuild service at fastest turnaround times. Motor & Gear Engineering performs a complete evaluation of your gearboxes in-house, and provides a thorough explanation of its findings. We also provide a guarantee and warranty on materials, as well as workmanship which helps ensure quality, and enables clients to extend life of their expensive machinery.