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Types of KSB Pump Models

Motor Gear Engineering is among the leading organizations that provides complete repair and maintenance services for pump products of different manufacturers. One of our primary patrons is KSB pumps. We are an authorized service for KSB pump models. Our factory technicians have been given complete training on KSB pump repair.

Types of KSB Pump Repaired and Maintained

We have the capabilities to provide repair and maintenance services for the following types of KSB pumps:

  • Ama Porter: This is a vertical submersible pump designed for small industrial applications. It is designed with stainless steel hardware, which leads to fewer maintenance schedules. It comprises two impellers, which can handle solid drainage up to 40 mm in size. The Ama Porter pumps can be used in industrial applications ranging from food processing, hotels, construction sites, to subways, and factories.
  • Industrial Pumps: These are horizontal, multistage, high pressure pumps. They are capable of handling liquid capacities of up to 630 cubic meters per hour. They are ideal for irrigation, firefighting, and hydraulic press applications.
  • High Pressure Vertical Pumps: Also known as inline booster pumps, these KSB pump models comprise suction and discharge capabilities. They are known for their reliability, as they make little noise during operation, and are resistant to shocks and corrosion. They can be used for boiler systems, domestic water supply operations, and washing plants.
  • Mono Submersible Pumps: These pumps are installed in open wells and sumps. They provide immense hydraulic efficiency. They are designed for large scale applications, where water needs to be pumped continuously. These pumps are perfect for decorative fountains, HVAC cooling circuits, and community supply water.
  • Submersible Pumps: We have a variety of submersible pumps with capacities ranging from 100 to 200mm. They are designed with a thrust bearing design, and contemporary technology. They offer benefits of low power consumption, noiseless operation, and high pump efficiency. Like the mono pumps, submersible pumps are also perfect for irrigation, community, and industrial water supply.
  • Submersible Pumps for Waste Water Treatment: KRTU pumps in this category are single stage centrifugal pumps. They are designed with sealed bearings to protect the motor and keep it dry underwater. It can be designed with one of three impeller types – free flow (F), Single vane (E), and non-clog two channel (K). It can be used for the municipal, sewage, water treatment, and industrial sectors.

With the right knowledge and training, we at Motor Gear Engineering are in a strong position to repair these different types of KSB pump models. Would you like to know more about our KSB pump repair services? Log onto the KSB pump repair section of our website.