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What are the Steps Involved in Hansen Gearbox Repair?

Gearboxes are an important part of several industrial equipment and they provide a wide range of benefits. Featuring a set of integrated gears organized in an enclosed system, gearboxes transmit mechanical energy that drives the output devices. There are several brands of gearboxes in use today, of which Hansen Gearboxes are one of the most popular. Hansen industrial gearboxes are well-known for their axial- and radial load-carrying capabilities, and a brilliant lineup of helical and bevel reducers. These gearboxes are designed for applications in kilns, mixers, pumps, as well as conveyors in several industries.

Although designed for abusive work environments, they may develop severe performance issues over time. These problems may cause a serious setback in terms of performance and money. Sourcing a new gearbox is not easy and may take several months from the OEM. If that happens approaching a gearbox repair service is the only option. Owing to the popularity of Hansen gearboxes, today, it is easy to find Hansen gearbox repair service providers in various important cities in the US. What are the steps involved in Hansen Gearbox repair? Read this post to know more.

Important Features of Hansen Gearbox Repair Services

Hansen gearbox repair services follow a few steps that are common to other repair services. They are:

  • Gearbox Inspection and Evaluation: Inspection is one of the first and important steps performed by most qualified gearbox repair services. They will inspect and evaluate causes of failure, as well as identify gearbox issues. The inspection may consist of activities such as checking the quality of oil used, viscosity of oil, and level and quality of oil, measurement of vibrations, visual inspection of parts, and inspection of bearings and gear teeth without opening the gearboxes. The gearboxes are steam cleaned prior to inspection, as this helps avoid contaminants from affecting the process. The gearbox is disassembled and each part is thoroughly inspected to identify the causes of failure.
  • Failure Analysis: After the inspection and disassembly, the failure analysis is conducted. The technician may provide “As Found Condition Report” to support the findings of the failure analysis. This report may include noticeable observations supported by photographs or a detailed review. Also, there will be recommendations on curative measures as well as recommendations for part replacements.
  • Renewal and Refurbishing Services: This step commences once the client approves the quote of renewal for drives and components. The unit is disassembled completely and the component renewal begins. During the process, all disassembled parts are stripped of their paints, greases, or other contaminants as well as cleaned and reused to avoid replacements. All passageways and oil troughs are thoroughly inspected to check flow, and parts such as gears are checked for cracks. Most times, bearings, seals, and shims are replaced with OEM parts.
  • Quality Assurance Testing: After the drive renewal, the parts are assembled by the technicians and tested to assure their performance. A no load spin test is performed to assure the performance of the drive. If the drive passes the test, then gear clearances are established. When it clears both these tests, it is repainted and sandblasted with epoxy paints. These paints allow gearboxes to withstand abusive working conditions.

These steps will help guarantee that all parts of the Hansen gearbox are working as expected and reinstated to their original condition. When searching for a dependable Hansen gearbox repair services provider, it is important to choose the ones who are capable of performing these steps effectively.