Authorized Flender Gearbox Rebuild Shop


Motor and Gear Engineering Announces Expansion with purchase of equipment / employee hire from Lufkin Gearbox Repair Services

Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc. are registered professional engineers providing reconditioning, repairs, and rebuilding of gearboxes, and electric motors. Recently, we have expanded our capabilities by purchasing assets from the closed Lufkin Gearbox repair shop and by hiring several former Lufkin sales and support service personnel onto our staff. Our goal is to provide those former Lufkin customers with the best gearbox repair services in the Southeast.

Motor and Gear Engineering has established the standard for gears and gearbox engineering and manufacturing for over 48 years. We have expanded our team by including GE trained technicians who have been earlier associated with GE-owned Lufkin Industries.

We can provide complete overbuild services by installing original parts into Lufkin gearboxes or by reverse engineering units as necessary. After repairing, the units are returned to customers with a one-year warranty. Every repaired gearbox undergoes rigorous testing before leaving our premises. This helps us ensure high-quality repair and rebuild services for industry-leading Lufkin gearboxes.

To know more about our Lufkin gearbox repair services, please call us on 770-454-9001.