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Introduction to Horsburgh & Scott Gearbox Repairs Services by Motor & Gear Engineering

Horsburgh & Scott is a recognized brand of gears as the company has been in this business for over 130 years. Almost every mechanical engineering facility is utilizing its gear assemblies in one or another way. Even if the durability of their gear assemblies is great, the gears are still subjected to operational wear and tear. This is why the gear assemblies require maintenance. Although many companies offer Horsburgh & Scott Gearbox repairs as part of their services, Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. is recognized as an expert at it.

Why Choose Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. for Horsburgh & Scott Gearbox Repair Services?

Motor & Gear Engineering has gained recognition in the market as Hesburgh & Scott gear maintenance and repair specialists. The following factors have contributed to their success.

  • The Process: The first feature of Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc that makes them experts in the Horsburgh & Scott gearbox repairs is their extensive inspection and repairing process. Let’s discuss the process they follow to repair Horsburgh & Scott gearboxes.
    • As soon as your defective Horsburgh & Scott gearbox arrives at Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc.’s maintenance facility, they disassemble it. They clean the disjointed parts of the assembly to prepare them for inspection.
    • Initially, the disjointed parts of the gearbox assembly are visually inspected for minor defects. Further, the parts are inspected instrumentally by using advanced engineering methods and complying with the industry standards. Visual walkthrough, borescope inspection, examination via inspection ports, dye penetration testing, and DSLR close-up flash detection are a few of the many inspection techniques they utilize to meticulously inspect the Horsburgh & Scott gearboxes.
    • Through the accounted defects identified via meticulous inspection techniques, the root of the defective cause is identified. This helps in recognizing the repair treatments required for the gearbox assembly.
    • Reverse engineering is performed to document the original gear structure. Once the preliminary condition of the gearbox is traced, then they work on repairs to make it function as good as the new one.
    • Some parts of the assembly are often repairable, but if in case any part of it is worn out beyond repair, then they replace the same. Their experience and expertise help them to perform the Horsburgh & Scott Gearbox repair, realign, analyze and diagnose operations with utmost precision.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: A Horsburgh & Scott Gearbox repair is certainly a cost-convenient option than purchasing the new gearbox assembly. Yet Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. offers much more cost-effective services as compared to its industry competitors. Their services are followed by a warranty which makes them cost-effective and quality-centred as well.
  • Industry Experience: Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc has been serving in the industry for the past five decades. This certainly makes them one of the most experienced Horsburgh & Scott Gearbox repair service providers in the industry.

This company has been working with clients from various industries such as textile, steel, chemical, paper and pulp, food and beverages, cement and concrete, and printing industries. Therefore, their experience speaks on behalf of their services. If you intend to get Horsburgh & Scott Gearbox Repairs services, then Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. can certainly be an excellent option for you.