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How to Rebuild Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders, similar to other mechanical devices, are prone to damage over years of service in harsh environments. If the damage is beyond repair, it is better to rebuild the unit. As a user, you are in a position to assess the kind of failure and take a call depending on the extent of damage. You can check the cylinder at your end and find out the root cause of the failure. Also, you can rebuild the cylinder on your own, if the damage is a minor one.

Rebuilding Hydraulic Cylinders – 4 Steps Outlined

Although, rebuilding a hydraulic cylinder is a simple process, it must be carried out with close attention to detail. Follow the steps mentioned below when rebuilding the cylinder.

  • Disassemble the Unit – You can use a screwdriver to loosen the fasteners of the shaft-side cover of the cylinder. After removing the shaft side cover, take out the piston.
  • Check for Problems – Now that you have disassembled the unit.  Check every part to detect the root cause of the failure. Generally, the cylinder fails to perform due to a ruptured shaft or damaged seal. Hence, pay close attention when checking shaft and seal of the damaged cylinder.
  • Approach a Repairing Station – With close examination, you can assess the kind of failure and extent of the damage. In case seals are damaged, you can easily remove them and install new ones. Preferably, purchase a seal kit and choose the right seal with the right dimensions to replace the older ones. However, in case the shaft is damaged, then consider taking the unit to a reliable service station and get the item repaired or replaced.
  • Assemble the Unit – Once you have rebuilt the cylinder, assemble the unit back to its original shape. Check every part and ensure that the parts are properly placed in position. Confirm that the seals are properly lubricated. Clean the piston as recommended by the OEM and place it back in the right position in the cylinder. Tighten the input valves and attach the shaft cover. Ensure that all fasteners are properly tightened.

Approach a Renowned Service Station

If you are unsure about how to go about rebuilding damaged hydraulic cylinder, then don’t take chances. Instead approach a reliable service center. Partnering with are reliable service center is crucial to getting the best rebuilding service and thus regaining the operational excellence of your cylinder. You can use the Internet to sort out some reliable manufacturers. Select the manufacturer that operates exceptionally well in the industry. This way you can modify your hydraulic cylinders to new operating standards at minimum cost.