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5 Key Benefits of Professional Wastewater Pump Repair Services

Wastewater pumps are known for their reliability and long service life. Yet, like any other industrial product, wastewater pumps need to undergo inspection and repair from time to time. This is because wastewater has enough impurities to cause corrosive or abrasive damage to the pump.

Pump repair is a specialized form of repair. You need a company that has experience and expertise to understand the problem, fix the pump and recondition it to its original state. One of the leading companies that provide wastewater pump repair services in America is Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc.

A leading pump repair specialist, Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc. utilizes 20 years of expertise and experience to provide outstanding pump repair services from diagnosis to repair and testing. We at Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc. are an authorized repair centre for Ebara, ABS, and KSB pumps. The greatest advantage that we have over our competitors is that we conduct all our services in-house. The Motor and Gear repair team comprises engineers and technicians who have a complete understanding of the pump and its workings. Our facility consists of the latest in diagnostic machines, mechanical repair equipment and electrical testing devices.

A Brief Overview of our Services

Our capabilities allow us to take on all kinds of repair requirements from basic repair and maintenance to complete pump rebuilding. Each type of service comprises strategic steps for completing the task.

  • Basic Pump Repair: We basically provide onsite troubleshooting, and even have our engineers remove a pump from the work site and bring it to our facility for repair. In the ‘Basic’ option, we offer complete disassembly, pump cleaning, and sandblasting. We provide parts replacement for components such as bearings, shafts, couplings, and bushings.
  • Extended Repair: This includes all the services provided in the ‘Basic’ option, as well as documentation of shaft run-out clearances and dimensions. We also offer the straightening of the shaft, mechanical seal replacement, and restoration of clearance between the case liner and impeller.
  • Integrated Redesign: In this option, we include all the services of extended repair along with a few more detailed services:
  • Relining of cones with liner
  • Match impeller vanes with cone angle along with appropriate clearance
  • Redo fitting of mating parts
  • Suction bell repair
  • A complete report with final dimensions and clearances

We also offer services such as upgrades and regular pump maintenance. When you come to Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc. for pump repair needs, you needn’t look anywhere else.