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Reliable Servo Motor Repair and Rebuilding Services

Servo motors are known for their meticulous design details that allow precision-based control mechanisms for angular positions, acceleration, and speed. However, like any machine, a servo motor too is susceptible to damages, performance issues, and complete breakdowns. To rectify these problems, you can opt for credible repair and rebuild services for your servo motor.

Major Steps Involved in Servo Motor Repair and Rebuilding:

Servo motor repair and rebuilding services involve following major steps:

  • Evaluation of the mechanical as well as electrical parts of the servo motor for inspection of their operational value. Windings, bearing fits, flanges, housing fits, etc. are tested during this step. Testing equipment is frequently used for diagnostics of encoders, resolvers, and other repairing needs.
  • Complete motor rewinding and repair of broken/ damaged/ corroded parts.
  • Alignment of the servo motor and its preliminary testing. Inspection for grounded electrical parts, presence of short winding openings, and working capacity of windings is carried out in this step.
  • Complete servo motor assembly and its final testing.

It is essential that you trust a reputed name for your servo motor repair and rebuilding services. Techno-savvy customers should see to it that their support supplier has downloaded servo packages. For reliable and credible servo motor repair and rebuild services, you can opt for Motor and Gear Engineering, Inc. To know about our services, kindly visit our website at or give us a call on 770-454-9001.