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Motor and Gear Engineering – The Trusted Source for KSB and ABS Pumps Repairs

When it comes to repairing KSB and ABS pumps, Motor and Gear Engineering name comes second to none. Since inception, we have been dedicatedly providing timely repairs for all the makes and models of KSB and ABS pumps. When you partner with us, you can be rest assured of quality repairs at half the price of a brand new one.

Value Added Repairing Services in Less Time  

At Motor and Gear Engineering, we have a team of technically sound professionals, possessing years of industrial experience. Additionally, our repairing center is well-equipped with sophisticated production machineries, and inspection equipment. When the expertise of our technicians is combined with the latest repairing equipment, the result is a completely refurbished unit, performing to the highest quality standards.

Advanced Pump Repair Services Offered at Motor and Gear Engineering

Our pump repair services cover:

  • Complete disassembly and detailed examination of all critical parts and their condition.
  • Close inspection, utilizing non-destructive testing and precision dimensioning.
  • Describe the root cause of the failure to the customers and provide them with the best possible solutions.
  • Sandblasting & cleaning.
  • Lubricating all seals, O-rings and gaskets.
  • Complete overhaul, including welding and machining.
  • Replacement of bearings, bushings, packing material, couplings, shaft, and mechanical seals, in case they are found faulty and beyond repairing.
  • Re-machining all fits between mating parts.
  • Field service support and on-site troubleshooting.

Partnering with us brings you several advantages, including:

  • Quick and reliable servicing in less turnaround time.
  • Use of genuine spares, adding to the credibility of the repair.
  • Specially trained technicians and customer care executives, meeting customers’ needs.
  • Warranty on pump services and repairs.
  • Proactive response to customers’ requirements.

Bring your Damaged Pumps to Us!

ABS and KSB pumps are popularly used for a wide range of applications across industries. Sudden breakdown of these pumps can bring you lots of troubles. It will affect the entire operations of a plant, leading to costly downtimes.

Consider bringing your faulty unit to us for thorough examination. If it is repairable, we will regain its operational excellence utilizing the expertise of our technicians and advanced repairing equipment. At Motor and Gear Engineering, we are committed to provide our customers with the best possible pump repair services in the industry.

Get in touch with us to know more about our pumps repair services. You can reach us at 770-454-9001.