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What Should You Look For While Sourcing Santasalo Gearbox Repair Services?

Santasalo gearboxes are one of the most popular industrial gearboxes available today. Although Santasalo has merged with David Brown only a few years ago, the Santasalo gearboxes still retain their popularity in the mechanical and automobile industry. These gearboxes are appreciated by the industry experts for the versatility of operations, precision manufacturing, and exceptional durability. Even though equipped with the best quality mechanical components, these Santasalo gearboxes are exposed to frictional wear, dimensional changes, and surface damage during operation. This is why sourcing high-quality gearbox repair and maintenance is essential to enhance the gearboxes’ performance efficiency. However, sourcing certain services require consideration of different factors in order to select a trustworthy, service provider. This post discusses the factors you should consider before sourcing Santasalo gearbox repair and maintenance services.

Factors to Consider While Sourcing Santasalo Gearbox Repair Services

In order to enhance the efficiency of the Santasalo gearboxes, an appropriate maintenance and repair cycle is essential. Proper repair and maintenance enhance performance, helps rectify errors, and increase the life-cycle of gearboxes. To accomplish the same, the consideration of the following factors during the selection of a Santasalo gearbox repair and maintenance services can help in getting optimum results from the services.

  • Pre-Repair Inspection: As the Santasalo gearbox assembly arrives at the service station, the team of repair and maintenance service providers must inspect the assembly. The following steps should be involved in the pre-repair inspection.
  • Dismantling assembly and component cleaning
  • Surface analysis, cracks, and damage detection through visual inspection
  • Advance/critical surface analysis via inspection techniques like dye penetration testing, DSLR flash detection, borescope inspection, etc  
  • Dimensional Analysis: The dimension check of each component must be done and verified with the OEM dimensions of the gearbox. This helps in identifying the dimensional deformation of the gearbox.
  • Failure Cause Detection: Based on the inspections and dimensional analysis, the cause of failure must be detected. In cases of critical damage, a performance test run might be required to identify the errors.
  • Component Repair/Replacement: Once the cause of failure is detected, the error rectification can be done by component repair or replacement.
  • In case of component repair, rust removal, deburring, surface treatments, dimensional corrections, etc may be required depending upon the damage.
  • In the case of component replacement, the service provider must replace the damaged components with authentic Santasalo gearbox components.
  • Customization/Modification: Often the gearboxes require a few assembly modifications or customizations in order to enhance performance efficiency and durability. The service provider should be capable of offering these services.
  • Repair and Maintenance Report: Once the repair and maintenance via failure cause detection, error rectification, and component repair/replacement is done, the service provider must keep a record of all the procedures done on the gearbox assembly. This helps in effective maintenance and future performance aspects.
  • Assembly and Performance Test Run: The performance test run is essential for ensuring if the expected performance efficiency is achieved via repair and maintenance. The performance test run may be required to be followed by post-repair surface inspections in order to prevent abrupt surface or dimensional deformation.

An experienced gearbox repair and maintenance service providers stand true to all the above-mentioned factors. Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc is one of such prominent and trusted Santasalo gearbox repair and maintenance service providers. For over 45 years the company has been offering gearbox repair and maintenance services, not only for Santasalo gearboxes but for various other brands like David Brown, Philadelphia, SEW, and many more. Their gearbox inspection, gearbox upgrade, etc are value-added services that make them one of the best service providers in the US.

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